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IDB Group Sustainable Infrastructure 360º Awards – 2015 projects

Aquapolo Water and Sanitation Project

Winner of the Infrastructure 360° Project of the Year Award

Aquapolo is a water reuse project that will promote a sustainable water management in the highly populated area of ABC Paulista in São Paulo that currently suffers from serious water shortages. Developed by Sabesp S.A. and Odebrecht Ambiental, Aquapolo produces high quality industrial water from domestic sewage and distributes it to the Capuava Petrochemical Center, considered the biggest consumer of potable water in the region. Aquapolo is the largest waste water project in the south hemisphere with a production capacity of 1,000 liters of recycled water per second.

The project allows for a better protection of freshwater availability and improves the quality of life in the area by saving around 2.58 billion liters of potable water per month – amount that can supply over 500,000 people. The project not only reduces the consumption of potable water in the area, but also the amount of pollutants released into the water thanks to an innovative tertiary sewage treatment system. This will eliminate 584,000kg of ammonia and 31,390kg of phosphorus per year from the Tietê River’s water.

The Infrastructure 360° Award is given to the project that not only serves as a model of excellence in sustainability practices throughout a region, but also serves as an example of infrastructure’s ability to enable a region’s residents to live more successful lives. In this sense, Aquapolo’s positive impacts on the local environment and surrounding communities make the project the worthy recipient of the 2015 Infrastructure 360 Award.

EURUS Wind Farm

Winner of the Infrastructure 360° People and Leadership Award

EURUS is a wind farm located in La Venta, a windy region in the municipality of Juchitán de Zaragoza, in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Developed jointly by Acciona Energia Mexico and Cementos Mexicanos S.A. (CEMEX), the project supplies 25% of CEMEX’s energy consumption, as part of the company’s efforts to reduce its emissions footprint and become more sustainable. The project consists of a 48.24 hectare site with 167 wind turbines of 1,500 kW each, a 230 kV and 19 km long line connecting to a transformer, a wind farm control house, and offices. With a generation capacity of 250.5 MW, EURUS is the largest operational wind farm in Latin America and the second largest wind farm registered under the UN Clean Development Mechanism. It is expected to produce 989.5 GWh of renewable energy per year and prevent the emission of 600,000 tons of CO2 per year.

The People and Leadership Award is given to the project that exhibits the greatest extent of positive impacts on people’s quality of life and the community where it is located, immediately and throughout the lifecycle of the project. EURUS Wind Farm has brought added value to La Venta through innovative education and entrepreneurial initiatives, investment in community infrastructure, and support to low-income rural communities.

Cerro Dominador Concentrated Solar Plant

Winner of the Infrastructure 360° Climate and Environment Award

Cerro Dominador, a concentrated solar power plant, is located in a rural area 60 km away from the city of Calama in Chile. It is currently under construction and is being developed by Abengoa Solar Chile. It is considered a non-conventional renewable project, and will represent one of the most innovative projects in Latin America due to its capacity to generate electricity 24 hours a day. The project consists of a 250 meters solar tower and 10,600 mirrors, all reflecting to a single point in the tower. It will generate 110 MW while removing 643,000 tons of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere every year. The project will promote renewable energy development in Chile as well as the reduction of GHG and other pollutants associated with conventional power generation. Cerro Dominador also plays an important role in the communities’ development and in the socio economic revival of the area, as it is considered a catalyst for technological innovation in the region, creating multiple direct and indirect jobs.

In order to receive the Infrastructure 360° Award in this category, a project must demonstrate strong sustainability practices with an emphasis on climate change and the environment. Its innovative solutions, including a holistic system to track emissions of all subcontractors and design features to ensure short and long term resilience to hazards, make Cerro Dominador a worthy recipient of the 2015 Infrastructure 360° Climate and Environment Award.

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