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IDB Group Sustainable Infrastructure 360º Awards – Instructions

1. Introduction

The selection process for the “Infrastructure 360° Awards” will be facilitated by a rating system developed by Harvard University. This rating system is a set of criteria that aid in quantifying and assessing the sustainability of infrastructure. It consists of 55 credits grouped into two main categories, People and Leadership with 21 credits, and Climate and Environment with 34 credits.

1.1 Process for the application submission and evaluation of the awards

Apply online by using the self-assessment tool

Each project is submitted online through an online self-evaluation tool developed by the Harvard Zofnass program. After receiving a complete application, the Harvard team will contact the representative of the project for an interview.

Have a phone interview with the Harvard team

Each eligible project will have a phone interview (in Spanish, Portuguese, or English) with the Zofnass research team. The main goal of this interview is to have a better understanding of the project and its unique challenges and solutions. The interview process will be also valuable for the project team, as it will provide an opportunity to ask questions and have a better idea of the evaluation criteria applied during the assessment process.

Learn if your project is selected as an award finalist

After the submission deadline, the twelve finalists will be chosen from a pool of eligible submissions and will be among those incorporating the most outstanding practices and innovative solutions given their context, scale, impact, and typology, as evaluated by the Harvard Zofnass team.

You will be notified by the 360 Awards manager when the finalist selection is complete, and if your project has been selected as one of the 12 finalists. In that case, the Harvard team will contact you to gather the documentation required for the case study.

Submit required documentation for the case study

At this stage, project owners together with the Harvard team will initiate a close collaboration that ensures the best outcome and the most detailed analysis possible. The information provided by the project team, always kept strictly confidential, should substantiate the responses provided through the online tool. Several calls and a close communication between both parties will establish a collaborative process.

Selection of the winners

After the completion of the case studies, the Harvard Zofnass team will share these white paper assessments of the 12 project with the selection committee. The selection committee, made up of world-renowned experts, will then vote for the winner in each of the three Infrastructure 360 award categories.

Diagram of application process


(**) Note: It is suggested to start preparing the supporting documentation substantiating the self-assessment during the application process, so that you are prepared to submit it, in the case that your project is pre-qualified.

For any question regarding the self-evaluation tool, the applicant may contact:

1.2 Instructions to fill out the online self-evaluation tool

Please download and print the "Assessment Checklist" and review the requested information before starting the application process.

To fill in the online self-evaluation tool, the applicant must use the "Apply Now" link provided on the “Infrastructure 360° Awards” web page. The applicant can access the online tool in Spanish or English by choosing the language from the top-right link on this webpage. The online self-evaluation tool is divided into six different sections.

  • Project and contact information
  • Category I, Index, People and Leadership
  • Category I, People and Leadership
  • Category II, Index, Climate and Environment
  • Category II, Climate and Environment
  • Self- evaluation conclusion

“By clicking the right arrow below your questionnaire will be submitted. Afterward you will not be able to modify your answers. By clicking the left arrow you can go back to the previous pages”

If you have completed your self-assessment, please press the red right arrow

1.3 Detailed assessment for 12 finalists projects

As stated above, only the projects selected as finalists will have to provide additional documentation.

The documentation needed at this stage may vary from one project to another. For this reason, there is not a compulsory set of documentation required. The project team may submit the documents that they estimate are necessary to support the answers to the self-evaluation tool.

No additional project documentation or analysis has to be developed specifically for the IDB awards process. Prior to the submission of any such information, please review the IDB's Non-Disclosure Policy for purposes of this award process. Here is a list of the documents that are likely to be required if pre-qualified:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Environmental Management Plan.
  • Construction documents. Materials, plans, details, change orders, means and methods of construction.
  • Available data on impact of the project in the development and growth in the area.
  • Accessibility to the area.
  • Available data on use of recycled materials, and proposals for energy reduction.
  • Procedures for a Sustainability Management System.
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Different available documentation reports, minutes, memoranda that reflect the impact of the project.

3. How the online self-evaluation tool looks like?

3.1 Project and contact information

3.2 People & Leadership Index


3.3 Climate & Environment Index:


4. Self-evaluation conclusion

5. Results of the online self-evaluation tool

After the completion of the online self-evaluation, you will receive the results of your project achievement assessment.

Those results would be automatically recorded in our system, for our evaluation.


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