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IDB Group Sustainable Infrastructure 360º Awards – Categories

People and Leadership Award

That project which exhibits the greatest extent of positive impacts on people’s quality of life and the community where it is located, immediately and throughout the lifecycle of the project. A project could stand out based on its efforts to minimize or mitigate environmental health impacts; to engage the local community in the decision making process; to implement best practices of governance; to exercise efforts to address social issues of local communities or to generate employment and training, and to use innovative technologies or management practices. Additionally, the People and Leadership award seeks to reward leaders who design and develop projects that will be relevant in the long term by fostering stakeholder collaboration and involvement; addressing conflict regulations and policies; and planning for long-term maintenance and monitoring.



Climate and Environment Award

That project that exhibits outstanding performance in areas that may include, among others, the use of resources in a way that minimizes environmental impact; the use of sustainable-certified materials and the efficient use of resources; efforts to promote the rejuvenation of degraded ecosystems and the minimization of disruptions to ecosystems; and actions to limit greenhouse gas emissions in order to minimize the long-term carbon footprint of the project.



Infrastructure 360 Awardº

The project that exhibits the most comprehensive performance and that stands out among all the finalists in the two categories previously described. The Infrastructure 360º Project will serve not only as a model of excellence in sustainability practices throughout the region, but also as a model for delivering infrastructure services through strategic and transparent management aimed having long-term positive impact on people and the environment.



Transformational Project Award

The Transformational Project Award rewards that project that exhibits innovative standards and approaches which, according to the jury panel of experts, could help transform the development of infrastructure. Such project may take place within a challenging environmental and/or social context, requiring more creativity and ingenuity in order to meet its sustainability goals. This transformational project may address a specific, strategic need within a community or the natural environment, or face a more complex array of inter-connected sustainability dimensions. While maintaining high sustainability standards, the transformational project provides solutions that can also work and be implemented in comparable instances. A project may be identified as transformational if it is unanimously proposed by the jury panel of experts. One of the three award winners of the other Infrastructure 360º categories could also receive this award.

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