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The Rating system for Water and Sanitation Services Providers

AquaRating focuses the challenges water and sanitation services providers face in a comprehensive way, evaluating their performance through indicators and management practices, stablishing an international standard, and relying on information veried by independent auditors accredited by the AquaRating Entity.

The basic goal of the rating system is evaluating the water and sanitation services in an integrated way through 112 assessment elements organized in eight areas, providing a rating in each one of them – as a result of rating each and every single of their compounding elements – to get aggregated in a unique mark (from 0 to 100, and called AquaRating) for the utility. This way, AquaRating avoids the simplistic message of the single rating, allowing at the same time having a quick view of the utility areas with improvement potential.



Allows the utilities:

Obtaining an external and credible performance rating, which contributes to foster reputation and acceptance, gain access to new markets and nance, and attract qualied sta; Identify areas of improvement and receive guidance; Get access to a living knowledge framework that fosters continuous learning for the performance sustainable progress; and Stablish a baseline to monitor the services provision improvement.

Allows governments, regulators and development agencies:

Using the rating system as a standard to stimulate utilities to maintain or improve their performance and target incentives, technical assistance or nance according to performance; and Stablish a baseline to monitor the services provision improvement.

Allows the consumers:

Obtaining better services in terms of access, quality, eciency, sustainability and transparency


The IDB has licensed IWA to start the rst rating agency for water and sanitation services providers, the Aquarating Entity. The rating system has been tested in thirteen utilities in nine European and Latin American and Caribbean countries.



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