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    We support institutional capacity building in public institutions by encouraging research and increased collaboration between government representatives and farmers.
  • 2
    We help improve market access for farmers through training and improvements to rural infrastructure such as irrigation systems and rural roads.
  • 3
    We offer support payments to farmers to help them become more innovative in their production process and mitigate problems such as soil erosion, pests, and large natural disasters.
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    We offer innovative research tools such as the producers support estimate database in the IDB Agrimonitor in order to monitor agricultural policies and promote efficient reforms.
  • 5
    We offer technical assistance based on knowledge and experience on policy and institutional agricultural aspects.


To promote the inclusive development of agriculture and sustainable use of natural resources it is necessary to deal with the three challenges confronted by the LAC region: (i) the low and heterogeneous agricultural productivity, which affects its competitiveness; (ii) the reduced reach of the sector’s growth benefits among rural peoples, which affects its social inclusion capability; and (iii) the vulnerability of natural resources to climate change, which affects its environmental sustainability in the long run.In this regard, we support countries in their efforts to have: (i) an agricultural sector with high productivity, whereby climate impacts are managed, demonstrating an overcoming of the competitiveness challenge; (ii) rural families’ incomes from the sector sustainably growing over time, demonstrating an overcoming of the social inclusion challenge; and (iii) natural resources used sustainably, whereby the carbon footprint is low, demonstrating an overcoming of the environmental sustainability challenge.

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