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Corporate Procurement: Goods and Services for the IDB

The Inter-American Development Bank, through its Administrative Services and Corporate Procurement Division, purchases a broad array of goods and services to meet its internal needs. The principles of transparency, fairness, responsiveness, best value and accountability govern the Bank’s corporate procurement activities and are part of our Corporate Procurement Policy.

Goods and services procured by the Bank to meet its internal needs include consulting, technical and facilities support services such as food services, facilities management, security and janitorial services; construction and related design and engineering services; computer software and hardware; office furnishings and supplies; and the purchase and/or lease of real property.

According to our policy, procurement of goods or services with an estimated value greater than $50,000 are handled via competitive bid or proposal processes, with public notice at Current Procurement Opportunities.

Furthermore, the Bank may pre-qualify suppliers for a specific procurement via a published request for pre-qualification document (Pre-Qualification Inquiry or PQI) and via invitation to identified potential suppliers when it is in the best interests of the Bank to ensure, in advance of competition, that solicitations are extended only to capable suppliers.

The PQI process is intended to provide the Bank with sufficient data on a potential supplier’s organization, capacity, experience, performance and financial condition to determine its qualifications to perform. Potential suppliers can register online through the Supplier Registration Form and should note that the IDB is not an agency of the US Federal Government, and is not subject to procurement laws enacted by federal, state or local governments in the United States.

For more detailed information on doing business with the IDB, please review the IDB Supplier Guide.

For information about procurement policies at the Inter-American Investment Corporation, please visit

The Policy and Guidelines for the Selection and Contracting of Consulting Firms for Bank-executed Operational Work were approved in 2014.  

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