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beyondBanking - Awards 2012

The third edition of the beyondBanking awards sparked interest and participation. The winners were chosen from over a hundred proposals for the seven categories. A Committee of Experts reviewed the nominations and selected the twenty-one (three per category) with higher quality. Finally, the winner was selected by the public through an online vote.

 accessBanking award - promotion of financial inclusion strategies

  • Microseguros Popular- Banco Popular (Honduras)

Microseguros Popular is an innovative low-cost social and health protection for low income population. This product improves quality of life and reduce the vulnerability of people at the bottom of the pyramid.

"It is an honor to receive the award from the IDB. Our project wants to lead the way in the social protection and to reduce vulnerability in the base of the pyramid. This is an example of our commitment and responsibility to provide access to more people with limited economic resources through all our products and services."

Luis Fernando Gómez Gómez, general manager, Banco Popular.

More information:

 clearBanking award - strengthening corporate governance, transparency and sustainability reporting

  • Informe de sustentabilidad 2011-Banco Galicia y Buenos Aires (Argentina)

To explain the actions on sustainability, Banco Galicia y Buenos Aires prepares an annual Informe de sustentabilidad. This seven edition of the report share with customers, employees, suppliers and all stakeholders the results of his administration. Moreover, is a key tool to manage, measure and evaluate the efforts by establishing the basis for planning future actions.

"The processes we implemented always follow our principles and values, based on ethics and corporate responsibility with the highest standards of transparency. This distinction is for us a recognition of our sustainable management: the Informe of sustentabilidad is a basic tool to pursue this model."

Sergio Grinenco, president, Banco Galicia y Buenos Aires.

More information:

 connectBanking award - dissemination innovative and communication technologies

  • Fondo Personal MiFon - Grupo Financiero Banorte (Mexico)

The Fondo Personal MiFon is a simple-opening deposit account in which the user can link his phone to a bank account, and was designed to promote banking in people who have limited or no-access to these services. Banking operations (withdrawals, etc.) are made via short text messages (SMS), which allows them to have all their financial services in the hand.

"This award is a great incentive to redouble efforts and continue with our strong commitment, as a 100% Mexican bank, to bring financial services and increase the opportunities for development of more Mexicans. Congratulations to the IDB to be a showcase of ideas and projects that seek a common goal."

Mayra Hernández, Head of Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability, Grupo Financiero Banorte

More information:

 equalBanking award – support gender equality and diversity

  • Empoderamiento de la mujer empresaria - Banco Azteca, Microfinanciera Azteca y ASMAZ(Mexico, El Salvador, Peru, Guatemala, Brazil)

Empoderamiento de la mujer empresaria is a financing program with high social value that, in addition to credit, empowers women of the base of the pyramid to be a driving force in their families and communities through business training, protection health, financial education and telephone support.

"This award reinforces our commitment as a business group commited with people on the bottom of the pyramid, for whom we have developed a successful business model. We are proud to motivate Mexican women, and thus their families."

Sofía López Mendoza, director, Asociación del Empresario Azteca.

More information:

 learnBanking award – promotion of financial literacy

  • Alianza público-privada para la educación financiera a jóvenes de Costa Rica -BAC Credomatic and Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica (Costa Rica)

The Programa de Educación Financiera para la Vida is the result of a successful public-private partnership established between BAC Credomatic and the Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica. After 5 years of working together, was achieved, for the first time and uniquely in the region, an educational reform that includes financial literacy in the school curriculum, a long-term action and sustained impact for many generations of Costa Ricans.

"We are convinced that a better educated population in financial terms achieved better quality of life, enhance their employability and ability to make greater contributions to the development of the region. This award reaffirms our commitment to continue working in this direction, and motivates us to continue providing increasingly significant contributions to improve the quality of life of an increasing number of people."

José Ignacio Cordero, general manager, Credomatic Costa Rica.

More information:

 planetBanking award – adaption and response to the effects of climate change

  • Créditos verdes para las muy pequeñas, pequeñas y medianas empresas - Banco ProCredit (Ecuador)

The línea verde EcoCredit para muy pequeñas, pequeñas y medianas empresas is a response to the will of Banco ProCredit to be a cornerstone of development in the market in which it operates. Since 2011, works in the placement of resources with environmental criteria that ensure that the resulting economic growth is sustainable and with three clear objectives: energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental measures.

"This award reinforces our commitment with the Ecuatorian society and our customers. Our actions seek Ecuador's economic development and enviromental sustainability from a socially responsible banking model based on solid and ethical principles."

Janet Pacheco, general manager, Banco ProCredit.

More information:

 socially responsible/impact investment award – best action in socially responsible and/or impact investment

  • Investing in businesses driving social & economic impact - Grassroots Business Fund (Regional)

Grassroots Business Fund is an organization that invests in companies that, through their activities, generate income or savings to thousands of people living at the bottom of the economic pyramid. The customers operate in a variety of industries, from agribusiness to craft production, but their business models always share the economic impact for low-income people.

"It is an honor to be recognized by the IDB for our work in the impact investing area. It is a great motivation for our team to continue our mission of providing capital and advisory services to strengthen companies that are impacting the live of thousands of people at the bottom of the economic pyramid."

Harold Rosen, CEO, Grassroots Business Fund

More information:

 beyondBanking people's choice award - most popular project

  • Fondo Personal MiFon - Grupo Financiero Banorte (Mexico)

2012 Awards

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