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Andrew Powell is the Principal Advisor in the Research Department (RES). He holds a Ba, MPhil. and DPhil. (PhD) from the University of Oxford. Through 1994 he dedicated himself to academia in the United Kingdom as Prize Research Fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford and Associate Professor (Lecturer) at London University and the University of Warwick. In 1995, he joined the Central Bank of Argentina and was named Chief Economist in 1996. He represented Argentina as a G20/G22 deputy and as member of three G22 working groups (on crisis resolution, financial system strengthening and transparency) in the late 1990’s. In 2001, he returned to academia, joining the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella in Buenos Aires as Professor and Director of Graduate Programs in Finance. He has been a Visiting Scholar at the World Bank, IMF and Harvard University. He joined the IDB’s Research Department in 2005 as Lead Research Economist in 2008 and served as Regional Economic Advisor for the Caribbean Region until returning to the Research Department as the Principal Advisor. He has published numerous academic papers in leading economic journals in areas including commodity markets, risk management, the role of multilaterals, regulation, banking and international finance. He also edited a book recently on the Quality of Life in Latin American Cities: Markets and Perceptions. Current projects include papers on the recent global financial crisis, capital flows and macro-prudential and banking regulations for emerging economies.


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WP-683 Working Papers The Multilateral Response to the Global Crisis: Rationale, Modalities, and Feasibility Powell, Andrew
Fernández-Arias, Eduardo
Rebucci, Alessandro
Jun, 2009
WP-678 Working Papers Monetary and Exchange Rate Policies for the Perfect Storm Powell, Andrew
Minella, Andre
Souza-Sobrinho, Nelson
Rebucci, Alessandro
Oct, 2009
WP-647 Working Papers Do Credit Rating Agencies Add Value? Evidence from the Sovereign Rating Business Institutions Powell, Andrew
Cavallo, Eduardo A.
Rigobon, Roberto
Nov, 2008
WP-629 Working Papers On Emerging Economy Sovereign Spreads and Ratings Powell, Andrew
Martinez S., Juan F.
Jan, 2008
WP-611 Working Papers On the Determinants of International Currency Choice: Will the Euro Dominate the World? Powell, Andrew
Bobba, Matteo
Della Corte, Giuseppe
Jun, 2007
WP-601 Working Papers Aid and Growth: Politics Matters Powell, Andrew
Bobba, Matteo
Jan, 2007
WP-594 Working Papers Multilateral Intermediation of Foreign Aid: What is the Trade-Off for Donor Countries? Powell, Andrew
Bobba, Matteo
Dec, 2006
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Research Projects:

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Competitiveness and Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean Microeconomics Stein, Ernesto H.
Hausmann, Ricardo
Powell, Andrew
Fernández-Arias, Eduardo
Montiel, Peter
Oct, 2006 Country Studies Committee
Industrial Policies in Latin America and the Caribbean Microeconomics Stein, Ernesto H.
Powell, Andrew
Fernández-Arias, Eduardo
Daude, Christian
Rodríguez-Clare, A.
Aug, 2008 Country Studies Committee
Macroeconomic and Financial Challenges Facing Latin America and the Caribbean after the Crisis Macroeconomics Powell, Andrew
Izquierdo, Alejandro
Mancilla, Elton
Caballero, Julian
Jul, 2013 The Latin American and Caribbean Research Network
Quality of Life in Urban Neighborhoods in Latin America and the Caribbean Poverty Reduction and Labor Powell, Andrew
Sanguinetti, Pablo
Lora, Eduardo
Jun, 2007 The Latin American and Caribbean Research Network
Structure and Composition of Firms' Balance Sheets Macroeconomics Powell, Andrew
Panizza, Ugo
Mancilla, Elton
Tamayo, Cesar
Caballero, Julian
Nov, 2014 The Latin American and Caribbean Research Network
The Future of Taxation in Latin America and the Caribbean Government and Democracy Powell, Andrew
de la Cruz, Rafael
Marcel, Mario
Mancilla, Elton
Manzano, Osmel E.
May, 2011 The Latin American and Caribbean Research Network
Towards a “New” Inflation Targeting Framework in Latin America and the Caribbean Macroeconomics Powell, Andrew
Chang, Roberto
Mancilla, Elton
Fernandez, Andres
Rebucci, Alessandro
Aug, 2012 The Latin American and Caribbean Research Network
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