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Ernesto Stein is Principal Economist at the IDB’s Research Department, which he joined for the first time in 1994. He has also been the Regional Economic Advisor in the Country Department of Belize, Central America, Mexico, Panama and the Dominican Republic at the Inter-American Development Bank. In 2006-07, he was a Growth Fellow at Harvard University’s Center for International Development. He has published seven books and more than 40 articles in edited volumes and specialized journals, including, the Journal of International Economics, the Journal of Development Economics, Economic Policy, Economics and Politics, and the American Economic Review (papers and proceedings). His areas of expertise include international trade and integration, foreign direct investment, industrial policies, institutional economics and political economy. On the topic of and industrial policies, he has recently coordinated the IDB’s flagship report “Rethinking Productive Development”. A native of Argentina, he holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley.


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B-10Years Monograph A Decade of Development Thinking Stein, Ernesto H.
Pagés-Serra, Carmen
Panizza, Ugo
Oct, 2004
S-246 Discussion Papers A Decade of Development Thinking Stein, Ernesto H.
Pagés-Serra, Carmen
Panizza, Ugo
Sep, 2004
WP-394 Working Papers Budget Institutions and Fiscal Performance in Latin America Stein, Ernesto H.
Hommes, Rudolf
Hausmann, Ricardo
Alesina, Alberto
Apr, 1998
P-254 Presentations Budget Institutions in Latin America: What have we learned in the last decade? Stein, Ernesto H.
Sep, 2004
P-898 Presentations Camino a la transformación productiva en América Latina - Comentarios de Ernesto Stein Stein, Ernesto H.
Sep, 2007
WP-396 Working Papers Elections and the Timing of Devaluations Stein, Ernesto H.
Streb, Jorge M.
Jan, 1999
P-712 Presentations Ernesto Stein - The Politics of Policies Stein, Ernesto H.
Nov, 2005
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Research Projects:

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Decentralization and Fiscal Discipline in Sub-National Governments: The Bailout Problem Government and Democracy Stein, Ernesto H.
Eichengreen, Barry
Von Hagen, Jürgen
Fernández-Arias, Eduardo
Aug, 1998 The Latin American and Caribbean Research Network
Political Institutions, Policymaking Processes and Policy Outcomes Government and Democracy Stein, Ernesto H.
Spiller, Pablo
Tommasi, Mariano
Scartascini, Carlos
Jun, 2003 The Latin American and Caribbean Research Network
Subnational Revenue Mobilization in Latin American and Caribbean Countries Macroeconomics Stein, Ernesto H.
Ter-Minassian, Teresa
Fretes Cibils, Vicente
De la Cruz, Rafael
Lora, Eduardo
Sep, 2010 The Latin American and Caribbean Research Network
The Political Economy of Exchange Rate. Policies in Latin America and the Caribbean Macroeconomics Stein, Ernesto H.
Frieden, Jeffry
Sep, 1997 The Latin American and Caribbean Research Network
Public-Private Collaboration for Productive Development Policies Microeconomics Stein, Ernesto H.
Fernández-Arias, Eduardo
Mancilla, Elton
Sabel, Charles
Casaburi, Gabriel
Oct, 2011 Science and Technology Division
Diagnostic of the agricultural sector and policies in Belize, Central America, Dominican Republic and Panama Microeconomics Stein, Ernesto H.
Manzano, Osmel E.
Sep, 2008 Country Studies Committee
Competitiveness and Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean Microeconomics Stein, Ernesto H.
Hausmann, Ricardo
Powell, Andrew
Fernández-Arias, Eduardo
Montiel, Peter
Oct, 2006 Country Studies Committee
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