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Cristia, Julian - Economist

Professional profile:

Julián Cristia holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Maryland, where his research focused on how fertility shapes female labor market outcomes. Before joining the IDB he worked as Associate Analyst in the Health and Human Resources Division of the Congressional Budget Office. His current research involves finding effective ways to accelerate human capital accumulation in Latin America. With this larger objective in mind, he has analyzed programs that introduced technology to improve education and health, contracted out health services and expanded access to pre-primary education. Cristia has also undertaken research in areas such as the private provision of child care services, the evolution of the mortality-income gradient and the price-elasticity of energy demand. His work has appeared in publications including the Journal of Human Resources and the Journal of Health Economics.



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IDB-WP-477 Working Papers Does Technology in Schools Affect Repetition, Dropout and Enrollment? Evidence from Peru Cristia, Julian
Czerwonko, Alejo
Garofalo, Pablo
Jan, 2014
IDB-WP-476 Working Papers The Effects of Shared School Technology Access on Students’ Digital Skills in Peru Cristia, Julian
Ibarraran, Pablo
Bet, German
Jan, 2014
IDB-WP-382 Working Papers Home Computers and Child Outcomes: Short-Term Impacts from a Randomized Experiment in Peru Cueto, Santiago
Cristia, Julian
Beuermann, Diether
Cruz-Aguayo, Yyannu
Malamud, Ofer
Dec, 2012
IDB-WP-377 Working Papers Access to Preprimary Education and Progression in Primary School: Evidence from Rural Guatemala Cristia, Julian
Bastos , Paulo
Bottan, Nicolas
Dec, 2012
IDB-WP-304 Working Papers Technology and Child Development: Evidence from the One Laptop per Child Program Santiago, Ana
Cueto, Santiago
Cristia, Julian
Ibarraran, Pablo
Severin, Eugenio
Feb, 2012
IDB-WP-273 Working Papers Does Contracting-Out Primary Care Services Work? The Case of Rural Guatemala Cristia, Julian
Evans, William
Kim, Beomsoo
Nov, 2011
IDB-WP-234 Working Papers Does Energy Consumption Respond to Price Shocks? Evidence from a Regression-Discontinuity Design Scartascini, Carlos
Cristia, Julian
Bastos , Paulo
Castro, Lucio
Jan, 2011
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