Construyendo capacidades institucionales para implementar PDP: El caso de las políticas de promoción del diseño en la Argentina

Gonzalez, Andrea; Hallak, Juan Carlos; Chudnovsky, Mariana; Tommasi, Mariano; Sidders, Mercedes

Working Papers - Spanish - Nov, 2017

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Building Institutional Capacities of Productive Development Programs

Castro, Lucio; Szenkman, Paula

Working Papers - Spanish - Nov, 2017

Recent evidence suggests that the success or failure of productive development policies (PDPs) largely depends not so much on the particular characteristics of policies, but on the institutional capacities of public organizations charged with implementing them...

Domestic Antidotes to Sudden Stops

Izquierdo, Alejandro; Cavallo, Eduardo A.; Leon, John Jairo

Working Papers - English - Nov, 2017

Sudden Stops in net capital flows can be prevented when the actions of domestic investors offset a reduction in foreign lending. This paper presents evidence that while sudden stops in gross inflows—i.e., a tightening of the external borrowing constraint—ar...

An Audit of Mexico’s Freedom of Information Act

Pocasangre, Oscar; Lagunes, Paul

Working Papers - English - Sep, 2017

Freedom of Information Acts (FOIAs) aim to provide a channeled exchange between citizens and public officials that, irrespective of the citizen’s identity, results in the provision of timely, relevant, and often new information about policy. The authors of ...

Financial Conditions Indicator for Brazil

Piazza Gaglianone, Wagner; Dutra Areosa, Waldyr

Working Papers - English - Aug, 2017

This paper proposes a methodology for constructing a Financial Conditions Indicator (FCI) based on factor analysis and the approaches of Brave and Butters (2011) and Aramonte et al. (2013). A selected set of variables is used and their information content aggr...

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