Ageing Poorly? Accounting for the Decline in Earnings Inequality in Brazil, 1995-2012

Ferreira, Francisco H.G.; Messina, Julián; Firpo, Sergio P.

Working Papers - English - Mar, 2017

The Gini coefficient of labor earnings in Brazil fell by nearly a fifth between 1995 and 2012, from 0.50 to 0.41. The decline in earnings inequality was even larger by other measures, with the 90-10 percentile ratio falling by almost 40 percent. Although the c...

Skill Premium, Labor Supply and Changes in the Structure of Wages in Latin America

Messina, Julián; Fernández, Manuel

Working Papers - English - Mar, 2017

Earnings inequality declined rapidly in Argentina, Brazil and Chile during the 2000s. A reduction in the experience premium is a fundamental driver of declines in upper-tail (90/50) inequality, while a decline in the education premium is the primary determi...

In Firm Training Innovation and Productivity The Case of Caribbean Small Island Developing States

Working Papers - English - Mar, 2017

In-firm training is a crucial innovative activity in modern knowledge-based economies which face increasing global competition and rapidly changing technology. Nevertheless, there are few studies which look at in-firm training in the Caribbean. This study uses...

Stylized Facts about the Quantity and Quality of Parental Time Investments on the Skill Formation of Their Children

Torres, Javier; Aguero, Jorge

Working Papers - English - Mar, 2017

This paper uses seven nationally representative time use surveys in Latin America to identify key stylized facts regarding the quantity and quality of parental time investment on the skill formation of their children. Traditional models of household behavior h...

Patterns, Trends and Policy Implications of Private Spending on Skills Development in Mexico and the United States

Székely, Miguel; Mendoza, Pamela

Working Papers - English - Mar, 2017

This paper explores families’ investment in skills development through education in a high-inequality, low-education quality country such as Mexico, comparing it to a lower-inequality, higher-quality education country such as the United States. The paper uses ...

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