Patterns, Trends and Policy Implications of Private Spending on Skills Development in Mexico and the United States

Székely, Miguel; Mendoza, Pamela

Working Papers - English - Mar, 2017

This paper explores families’ investment in skills development through education in a high-inequality, low-education quality country such as Mexico, comparing it to a lower-inequality, higher-quality education country such as the United States. The paper uses ...

Capital Requirements, Risk-Taking and Welfare in a Growing Economy

Pereira da Silva, Luiz A.; Agénor, Pierre-Richard

Working Papers - English - Mar, 2017

The effects of capital requirements on risk-taking and welfare are studied in a stochastic overlapping generations model of endogenous growth with banking, limited liability, and government guarantees. Capital producers face a choice between a safe technology...

Household Education Spending in Latin America and the Caribbean: Evidence from Income and Expenditure Surveys

Gandelman, Nestor; Acerenza, Santiago

Working Papers - English - Mar, 2017

This paper characterizes household spending in education using microdata from income and expenditure surveys for 12 Latin American and Caribbean countries and the United States. Bahamas, Chile and Mexico have the highest household spending in education while B...

Corporate Currency Risk and Hedging in Chile: Real and Financial Effects

Hansen, Erwin; Alvarez, Roberto

Working Papers - English - Mar, 2017

This paper examines a panel (1994-2014) of Chilean non-financial firms, both publicly listed and private, which was built to analyze the determinants of the use of foreign currency debt and their potential consequences for firm investment and profitability....

How Much Has the Game Changed? Revisiting Policymaking in Latin America a Decade Later

Jones, Mark P.

Working Papers - English - Jan, 2017

In the early 2000s the Inter-American Development Bank launched a visionary and influential research agenda that dramatically improved understanding of the policymaking process (PMP) in Latin America. It did so by detailing the role played by key actors in ...

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