How Much Has the Game Changed? Revisiting Policymaking in Latin America a Decade Later

Jones, Mark P.

Working Papers - English - Jan, 2017

In the early 2000s the Inter-American Development Bank launched a visionary and influential research agenda that dramatically improved understanding of the policymaking process (PMP) in Latin America. It did so by detailing the role played by key actors in ...

Retaking in High Stakes Exams: Is Less More?

Krishna, Kala; Lychagin, Sergey; Frisancho, Veronica

Working Papers - English - Dec, 2016

Placement, both in university and in the civil service, according to performance in competitive exams is the norm in much of the world. Repeat taking of such exams is common despite the private and social costs it imposes. We develop and estimate a structural ...

Learning from Productive Development Agencies in Brazil: Policies for Technological Innovation

de Azevedo Morgulis, Maria Clara; Saes, Maria Sylvia; Bigio Schneider, Paula Sarita

Working Papers - English - Dec, 2016

This paper presents and comparatively analyzes three case studies of productive development agencies (PDAs) in Brazil: Embrapa, Finep, and ABC Foundation. Following a discussion of the main hypotheses and the methodology employed, the paper describes each c...

Building Public Capabilities for Productive Development Policies: Costa Rican Case Studies

Trejos, Alberto; Cornick, Jorge

Working Papers - English - Dec, 2016

This paper explores the development of public sector capabilities for Productive Development Policies in Costa Rica through four case studies of successful experiences, with less successful cases presented as counterfactuals. To some extent the paper tests ...

Learning about Oneself: The Effects of Performance Feedback on School Choice

Bobba, Matteo; Frisancho, Veronica

Working Papers - English - Nov, 2016

This paper designs and implements a field experiment that provides students from less advantaged backgrounds with individualized feedback on academic performance during the transition from middle to high school. The intervention reduces the gap between expe...

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