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Job Posting


Visiting Research Scholarship Program


Start Date: Flexible dates between May 2016 and July 2017

Salary: Competitive

Application Deadline: March 31, 2016

Fields: Economics, Political Science or related fields


The Research Department, in collaboration with the Institutions for Development Department of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), is now accepting applications for the Visiting Research Scholars Program on Citizen Security and Justice issues.


This program was created to address a growing demand for knowledge to support the design of public policies and operational loans in public policy areas to prevent and reduce urban crime in Latin America and the Caribbean.


To achieve this goal, the program seeks to foster close collaboration among academics, IDB staff, and government officials in charge of the design and implementation of reforms focused on improving public safety.


The program is housed at IDB headquarters in Washington, DC. Visiting Scholars are required to be in residence for the duration of their appointment, which can range from six to 12 months.




Applicants can be promising young researchers (with an interest in deepening their research agenda in a format similar to a post-doctorate) as well as recognized accredited scholars from institutions of higher learning and advanced academic research (for example, in a sabbatical year), or accomplished public officials with a minimum of 10 years experience and exceptional knowledge of issues of citizen security in the region.


Applicants are required to hold a Ph.D. in economics, criminology, political science or related field (applications from Ph.D. candidates close to graduation will also be accepted).


The positions are open to applicants with a keen intellectual interest and demonstrated academic or professional excellence in one or more of the following issues related to citizen security: 1) social and situational prevention; 2) policing strategies to reduce crime; 3) the judicial system and its role in reducing crime; 4) prevention of recidivism and the re-socializing role of the prison system; 5) programs to prevent youth violence and other public policies to confront the emergence of gangs; 6)domestic violence, especially against women, and public policies to prevent and confront it; 7) public policies to reduce violence accelerators (substance use, disarmament policies, etc.). Other important issues related to citizen security will also be considered. Applications that demonstrate the use of formal methodologies and tools (impact evaluations of public policies, formal models, etc.), as well as experience in criminal analysis, will be given priority in the selection process.


Applicants must be citizens of an IDB member country.


Pursuant to applicable Bank policy, candidates with relatives (including the fourth degree of consanguinity and the second degree of affinity, including spouse) working for the Bank as staff members or Complementary Workforce contractuals will not be eligible to provide services for the Bank.


The Bank is committed to diversity and inclusion and to providing equal opportunities to all candidates. We embrace diversity on the basis of gender, age, education, national origin, ethnic origin, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion, and HIV/AIDs status. We encourage women, Afro-descendants and persons of indigenous origin to apply.


Privileges and Responsibilities of a Visiting Research Scholar


The program provides visiting researchers the opportunity to combine independent research with active involvement in the IDB’s programs and activities.


Visiting researchers shall enjoy full access to the IDB’s library and electronic resources. Most interestingly, they have access to a broad network of practitioners, scholars, and legislators, and in collaboration with IDB staff they may have access to funds for financing field research.


Visiting researchers are also welcome to attend all events, such as research and policy seminars, talks, and workshops, including the DC Political Economy and Comparative Politics seminar, which was created to foster collaboration with top academics working in the Washington, DC area.


Activities expected from the Visiting Research Scholars include a) presentations at meetings and seminars, b) production of working paper(s), c) consultation with and advice to government officials, d) guidance and feedback on specific projects carried out by the Bank, and e)evaluation of research proposals and knowledge products.


The specific outputs and activities, to be agreed upon by the visiting researcher and the selection committee prior to the start of the program, will be based on the researcher's research proposal and expertise as well as on the IDB’s interests.


Compensation will be determined in accordance with the Bank’s policies and procedures. The Bank, pursuant to applicable policies, may contribute toward travel and moving expenses.


The Bank, pursuant to applicable policies, may submit a visa request to the applicable immigration authorities; however, the granting of the visa is at the discretion of the relevant immigration authorities. Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of the candidate to obtain the necessary visa or work permits required by the authorities of the country(ies) in which the services will be rendered to the Bank. If a candidate cannot obtain a visa or work permit to render services to the Bank the contractual offer will be rescinded.


A complete application consists of the following materials:


A cover letter/letter of introduction (no more than one page), which includes proposed arrival date and length of stay


A research proposal addressing the following (no more than three pages):


- Title of proposed project while in residence at the IDB

- Research goals during period of affiliation

- Description of research project and work plan


Curriculum vitae, including a list of top five publications, and the contact details for potential references (stating the name and contact information of at least three people)


Full applications must be submitted to no later than March 31, 2016.


For more information on the Research Department at the IDB please visit:,3777.html


For more information on Citizen Security and Justice programs at the IDB, visit:,19551.html.


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