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Research Topics

Government & Democracy

Improving the Odds: Political Strategies for Institutional Reform in Latin America
Graham, Carol; Seddon Wallack, Jessica; Grindle, Merilee
Monograph - English - Jan, 1999

This monograph is part of a larger investigation of the political economy of institutional reform in Latin America undertaken by the Latin American Research Network. It examines some hypotheses about what can be done to improve the chances for successful institutional change. It draws on the results of four case studies (Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and Uruguay) to identify the characteristics of successful reforms and provide recommendations for policymakers who seek to improve their countries' institutions.

Organization Matters: Education and Health in Latin America
Savedoff, William D.
Books - English - Jun, 1998

Latin America spends considerably on social services, yet life expectancy and education levels are low compared to other regions with similar income levels. A key reason is the inherent difficulty of making social services produce efficiently in reponse to demands and needs. This book shows how improving the organization of these service systems can make a significant difference in health conditions and student learning. A general framework applying the lessons of theories of the firm to the particularities of social services is developed, followed by a summary of case studies which assessed the impact of organization on performance in health and education. The rules and relationships followed by governments, service providers, and consumers determine success or failure. A wealth of approaches that point to better ways of organizing social services and ultimately improving health and education in the region are described.

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