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2013 Latin American and Caribbean Macroeconomic Report

Rethinking Reforms: How Latin America and the Caribbean Can Escape Suppressed World Growth


Powell, Andrew

Published: March 2013

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Global growth projections have waned since last year and growth may be suppressed below potential for several years to come. Lower global growth will, all things being equal, imply lower growth in Latin America and the Caribbean. At the same time, clear limits to the potential use of monetary and fiscal policy measures pose another constraint. Consequently, countries should consider further structural reform measures to enhance economic prospects and to escape suppressed global growth. If all countries pursue reforms to enable growth to accelerate by 1.5% on average, then the effect on the region as a whole may reach 2.3% additional growth per annum.

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El AL crecerá 6.2% con aprobación de reformas: BID La región podría crecer 6%
El Economista: América Latina podría crecer a niveles asiáticos, dice BID
MSN Colombia: El BID insta a Latinoamérica a aprovechar -gran oportunidad- Con reformas A. Latina podría crecer a niveles asiáticos
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Expansió BID insta a Latinoamérica a aprovechar -gran oportunidad- para crecer a un 6%
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