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HIDD: Historical IDB Debt Dataset


Cruces, Juan

Sandleris, Guido

Published: October 2013

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Dataset description:

HIDD dataset offers data on public debt level and composition in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) in the period 1980-2006. The database covers thirty countries (25 economies from the region, plus another 5 selected world economies).

Suggested way to cite the dataset: HIDD: Historical IDB Debt Dataset (2008), Inter-American Development Bank, Washington DC.

Related Working Paper: A detailed description of an earlier version of the dataset (1980-2004) can be found in the IDB Research Department Working Paper No. 577 titled “Sovereign Debt in the Americas: New Data and Stylized Facts” by Kevin Cowan, Eduardo Levy Yeyati, Ugo Panizza, and Federico Sturzenegger.

Juan Cruces and Guido Sandleris prepared the current version of the dataset.

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