Working Papers

Time Use and Skills Development in Latin American Households

AUTHOR(s): Allub, Lian , Berniell, Inés
PUBLISHED: April 2017
RELATED TOPICS: Poverty Reduction and Labor


Using several sources of micro level data for Latin America and the Caribbean, this paper documents an important positive socio-economic gradient on parental and individual time investments in activities related to developing children’s skills. Higher-educated/income parents spend more time with children on both educational and recreational activities, especially when they are young. There are also gender differences in parental time investments. Parents spend more time with boys engaging in recreational activities than with girls, and spend slightly more time with girls on educational childcare. Regarding children’s time allocation, boys spend more time on recreational activities than girls do, while girls spend more time on educational activities outside school than boys do. These results are in line with those observed in high-income countries.

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