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Research Projects

Macroeconomic and Financial Challenges Facing Latin America and the Caribbean after the Crisis

Administered by: The Latin American and Caribbean Research Network

Documents related to this project:

Topic: Macroeconomics

Start Date: July 2013

Members of the Coordinating Team:

Participating Institutions:

Working Papers :

Selected Proposals :

  • Argentina. Undoing Insularity in Troubled Waters
  • Dutch Disease episodes in Latin American countries: Stylized facts, de-industrialization concerns and policy responses
  • Firm Dynamics and Labor and Credit Frictions in a Small Open Economy: A Quantitative Analysis of Implementable Policies
  • Fiscal Rules, Procyclicality and Dutch Disease: A Normative Approach
  • Macroeconomic and Financial Consequences of the After Crisis Credit Expansion in Brazil: a Micro Data Based Investigation
  • Macroeconomic Eff ects of Credit Deepening in Latin America
  • Shocks, response valuation and policy suggestions for the post crisis: The case of Bolivia
  • US Monetary and Commodity Prices Shocks, China’s Deceleration, and Fiscal Policy Reaction in Latin America in the Post-Crisis Scenario: A GVAR Approach

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