Financial Stability and Development Group (FSD)

The purposes of FSD Network are to contribute to the coordination of policy response across South American Central Banks to face common policy challenges, to allow the coordination of research agendas and technical discussion to strengthen analytical capacity and to contribute to greater collaboration concerning technical assistance.

What are the Network activities and goals?

FSD activities include maintaining a regular, well-informed policy dialogue; discussing topics of current relevance in international forums to improve mutual understanding and policy responses to the regional challenges; building a common research and knowledge dissemination agenda; enhancing analytical capacity applied to policy issues; sharing knowhow and best practices in order to help central banks on many of their responsibilities; boosting the flow of data and information among the member central banks.

Who are the members of the Network?

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela

What were the activities in 2016?

2 seminars and 1 research workshop, 2 papers produced, 4 papers mentored, nearly 60 Central Banks employees/officials trained – see more information in FSD Activities

Contact Information

Andres Fernandez, Team Leader

Cristina Griffa, Technical Coordinator

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