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Market Access and Integration through Technical Standardization Donors Memorandum ATN/ME-8532-RG;TC0303025 Dec 3, 2003
Promoting Instruments for Continuous Improvement in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Donors Memorandum ATN/MH-7331-RG;TC0008026 Jan 30, 2001
Overcoming Technical Barriers to Trade through Strengthened Accreditation Systems Donors Memorandum ATN/MT-7309-RG;TC0008022 Dec 19, 2000
Oral Health of Low Income Children: Procedures for Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (PRAT) Plan of Operations ATN/JF-7025-RG;TC9807027 Aug 2, 1999
Trade Union Leadership Training Program (DIEESE) Donors Memorandum ATN/MH-6951-BR;TC9904027 Apr 10, 2000
Preschool and Early Education Improvement Program Loan Proposal 1467/OC-PR;PR0124 Jul 2, 2003
Cleaner Production in Value Chains Plan of Operations ATN/ME-9230-PR;PR-M1001 Jun 15, 2005
MIF/AT-292 - Programa de Capacitaçao de Recursos Humanos para o Setor Agricola do Mercosul - Avaliaçao Intermediaria Informe de Evaluación Intermedia ATN/MH-6699-RG;TC9810442 Feb 28, 2003
Social Investment Program PROPAIS II Loan Proposal 1422/OC-PR;PR0125 Sep 1, 2002
Fiscal Management Strengthening and Modernization Program Loan Proposal 1253/OC-PR;PR0115 Jun 6, 2000
Program to Support the National Environment System Loan Proposal 1300/OC-PR;PR0116 Nov 27, 2000
Western Integration Corridors Program Loan Proposal 1278/OC-PR Oct 24, 2000
Social Protection Program for Paraguay Loan Proposal 1520/OC-PR;PR0147 Dec 17, 2003
Preinvestment Program Loan Proposal 1143/OC-PR;PR0093 Oct 27, 1998
Program to Strengthen Basic Education Reform Loan Proposal 1254/OC-PR;PR0117 Jun 13, 2000

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