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Post-Secondary Education Program (Post-Ed) Project Outline JA0125 Feb 4, 2003
Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE) Development Program Project Outline JA0121 Mar 1, 2003
Youth Development Program Project Outline JA0119 Jun 12, 2002
Strenthening the Jamaica Fair Trading Commission Project Abstract JA-M1002 Nov 21, 2003
Jamaica Social Safety Net Reform Loan Proposal 1355/OC-JA;ATN/SF-7609-JA;JA0115;TC0107021 Oct 1, 2001
Financial Sector Reform Program Loan Proposal 1268/OC-JA;JA0049 Sep 5, 2000
National Irrigation Development Program (NIDP) Loan Proposal 1562/OC-JA;JA0106 Jun 30, 2004
South Coast Sustainable Development Program Project Concept Document JA0112 Apr 18, 2002
Agricultural Support Services Loan Proposal 1283/OC-JA;JA0111 Nov 7, 2000
Kingston Water and Sanitation Project Loan Proposal 1559/OC-JA;JA0114 Jun 23, 2004
Strengthening the Jamaica Fair Trading Commission Technical Cooperation Agreement ATN/MT-9003-JA;JA-M1002 Mar 17, 2005
Strengthening the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Community Plan of Operations ATN/SF-8221-JA;TC9710220 Feb 13, 2003
Emergency Reconstruction Following Torrential Rains Loan Proposal 1419/OC-JA Aug 1, 2002
Citizen Security and Justice Program Loan Proposal 1344/OC-JA;JA0105 Jul 31, 2001
Rural Water Program Loan Proposal 1360/OC-JA;JA0113 Oct 16, 2001

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