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Privatization of Four International Airports Environmental & Social Strategies HO0201 May 10, 2004
System for Demand and Supply of Training Services for Mesoamerica (SIDCAM) Donors Memorandum ATN/MH-7952-RG;TC0110014 Jun 1, 2002
Support of Agricultural Trade through the Harmonized Regional Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures Donors Memorandum ATN/MT-7957-RG Jul 8, 2002
Supplement to Potable Water and Sanitation Investmenet Program Project Outline HO0174 Jul 19, 2000
Trinational Program for Sustainable Development in the Upper Lempa River Basin Loan Proposal 1330/OC-ES;CA0034 Jul 1, 2001
Multiphase Sustainable Forest Development Program Loan Proposal 1506/SF-HO;HO0218 Dec 3, 2003
Poverty Reduction and Local Development Program, Phase II Loan Proposal 1478/SF-HO;HO0220 Sep 24, 2003
Presupuesto Detallado Documento de Cooperación Tecnica Aprobado ATN/NV-14072-HO;HO-T1199;HO-X1027 Sep 3, 2013
Aguas de San Pedro Project Abstract 1435/OC-HO;HO0211 Nov 5, 2002
Strengthening and Modernization of the National Statistics System Loan Proposal 1112/SF-HO;HO0214 Oct 1, 2002
Reforming the Institutional Framework and Creating Instruments for Implementing the Poverty Reduction Strategy Loan Proposal 1087/SF-HO;HO0185 Oct 1, 2001
Privitization of Four International Aiports Project Abstract HO0201 May 10, 2004
PPP-Rural Electrification and the Energy Sector Loan Proposal 1584/SF-HO Nov 3, 2004
Learning from Business Alliances Donors Memorandum ATN/ME-8291-RG;TC0303023 Apr 1, 2003
Emergency Road and Water-Supply Infrastructure Project Loan Proposal 1029/SF-HO;HO0143 Dec 28, 1998

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