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Interagua - Guayaquil Water and Sanitation Environmental & Social Strategies EC0208 Jan 24, 2003
Quito International Airport (Quiport) Environmental & Social Strategies EC-L1005 May 25, 2004
Social Sector Reform Program Loan Proposal 1466/OC-EC;EC0216 Jun 25, 2003
Social Investment Fund Loan Proposal 1373/OC-EC;EC0203 Nov 6, 2001
Program to Mitigate Market Access Barriers Under the Andean Trade Preference Act Donors Memorandum ATN/ME-8530-EC;EC-M1005 Dec 3, 2003
Beneficiary Identification Mechanism for Social Programs Loan Proposal 1261/OC-EC;EC0195 Jul 18, 2000
Program to Combat Desertification in South America Plan of Operations ATN/JF-7905-RG;TC0101072 Jun 1, 2002
Programa Multifase para la Modernización Municipal y Mejoramiento Integral de Barrios de Quito, Fase I Contrato de Préstamo 1740/OC-EC;EC-L1017 Mar 5, 2007
Local Roads Program Loan Proposal 1518/OC-EC;EC0211 Dec 17, 2003
Rural Transportation Infrastructure Program Loan Proposal 1282/OC-EC;EC0196 Nov 16, 2000
Job Competencies Certification System in the Tourism Sector Donors Memorandum ATN/MH-8542-EC;EC-M1002 Dec 10, 2003
Galapagos Environmental Management Program Loan Proposal 1274/OC-EC;EC0134 Oct 10, 2000
Strengthening Rural Social Security Loan Proposal 1577/OC-EC;EC0101 Sep 27, 2004
Coastal Resources Management Project, Phase II Loan Proposal 1531/OC-EC;EC0193 Feb 2, 2004
Sustainable Development Program for the Northern Amazon Border Zone of Ecuador Loan Proposal 1420/OC-EC;EC0201 Sep 1, 2002

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