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EDE Sur and EDE Norte Electric Distribution Project Environmental & Social Management Reports 1319A/OC-DR;1319B/OC-DR;DR0137 Mar 23, 2001
Program of Support for Banking Regulation and Supervision Donors Memorandum ATN/MT-7252-DR;TC9901019 Dec 1, 2000
Development of Financial and Business Services for Remittance Recipients Donors Memorandum ATN/ME-8455-DR;TC0304042 Oct 1, 2003
EDE Sur and EDE Norte Power Project Project Abstract 1319A/OC-DR;1319B/OC-DR;DR0137 Mar 23, 2001
Program to Support Social Sector Institutional Reform Loan Proposal 1333/OC-DR;DR0140 Jul 10, 2001
Support for the Strengthening of the Regulatory and Institutional Framework of Air Transport Safety in Central America, ... Donors Memorandum ATN/MT-7270-RG;TC0007032 Nov 28, 2000
Multiphase Program for Modernization of Secondary Education - Part I Loan Proposal 1289/OC-DR;DR0112 Dec 1, 2000
Improving Remittance Distribution Channels in Support of the Microenterprise Sector in the Dominican Republic Donors Memorandum TC0212008 Apr 30, 2003
Learning from Business Alliances Donors Memorandum ATN/ME-8291-RG;TC0303023 Apr 1, 2003
Program for Modernizing the National Congress and the Office of the Comptroller General Loan Proposal 1258/OC-DR;DR0106 Jun 27, 2000
Strengthening, Supervision and Regulation of the Banking System Loan Proposal 1498/OC-DR;DR-L1001 Nov 19, 2003
Financial Reform Consolidation Program Loan Proposal 1536/OC-DR;DR0151 Feb 25, 2004
Labor Training and Modernization Program Loan Proposal 1183/OC-DR;DR0134 Jun 8, 1999
Integrated Financial Management Program Loan Proposal 1093/OC-DR;ATN/JF-5893-DR;DR0094;TC9609134 Feb 12, 1998
Program of Support for Reform and Modernization of the Executive Branch Loan Proposal 1176/OC-DR;DR0073 Feb 16, 1999

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