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Second Phase of the Program for the Administration of Justice Loan Proposal 1377/OC-CR;CR0141 Nov 13, 2001
System for Demand and Supply of Training Services for Mesoamerica (SIDCAM) Donors Memorandum ATN/MH-7952-RG;TC0110014 Jun 1, 2002
Eco-Tourism in Protected Areas Project Outline CR-L1001 Mar 3, 2004
San José-Caldera Toll Road Project Environmental & Social Management Reports CR0143 Apr 1, 2004
Overcoming Technical Barriers to Trade through Strengthened Accreditation Systems Donors Memorandum ATN/MT-7309-RG;TC0008022 Dec 19, 2000
Learning from Business Alliances Donors Memorandum ATN/ME-8291-RG;TC0303023 Apr 1, 2003
Software Sector Competitiveness Support Program Donors Memorandum ATN/MH-6538-CR;TC9811234 May 18, 1999
San José-Caldera Toll Road Project Project Abstract CR0143 Apr 1, 2004
Preschool and Lower Secondary Eduation Loan Proposal 1010/OC-CR;CR0044 Apr 29, 1997
Health Services Improvement Program Loan Proposal 711/OC-CR;712/OC-CR;CR0120 Nov 3, 1992
Commodity Market Exchange Support Program Donors Memorandum ATN/MT-5062-CR;TC9506083 Oct 31, 1995
Enabling Private Investment in Infrastructure Donors Memorandum ATN/MT-4688-CR;TC9307340 Aug 2, 1994
Sustainable Development Program for the Sixaola River Binational Watershed Loan Proposal 1566/OC-CR;CR0150 Jul 21, 2004
Program to Develop Sustainable Agricultural Production Loan Proposal 1436/OC-CR;CR0142 Nov 1, 2002
Electric Power Development Program, Stage III Loan Proposal 796/OC-CR;CR0036 Nov 9, 1993

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