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Strengthening of the Bureau of Women's Affairs Plan of Operations ATN/SF-4298-BA;TC9206328 Aug 2, 1993
Modernization of Customs, Excise and Value Added Tax Areas Project Outline BA-L1003 Jun 18, 2004
Housing and Neighborhood Upgrading Program Project Outline BA0054 Dec 11, 1997
Education Sector Enhancement Program Loan Proposal 1154/OC-BA;BA0009 Nov 13, 1998
Investment Sector Reform Program Loan Proposal 900/OC-BA;BA0012 Oct 23, 1995
Tax Administration and Public Expenditure Management Plan of Operations 766/OC-BA;BA0035 Aug 3, 1993
Pilot Project for Productivity Improvement in Barbados: A Best Practice Approach Donors Memorandum ATN/MH-7725-BA;TC9909022 Dec 1, 2001
Institutional Strengthening for the Water and Sanitation Sector and Studies for the West Coast Sewerage Project Technical Cooperation Profile BA-L1001 Feb 4, 2004
Solid Waste Management Program Loan Proposal 1130/OC-BA;BA0025 Sep 17, 1998
Bridgetown Roads and Safety Improvement Loan Proposal 755/OC-BA;BA0047 Apr 27, 1993
Coastal Conservation Program (Phase I) Loan Proposal 856/OC-BA;ATN/CP-4768-BA;BA0014;TC9411307 Dec 6, 1994
Administration of Justice Program Loan Proposal 1386/OC-BA;BA0019 Aug 1, 2001
Strengthening of Business Facilitation Services Technical Cooperation Agreement ATN/CC-9144-BA;BA-T1002 Feb 6, 2006
Solid Waste Management Program Environmental Impact Assessments 1130/OC-BA Oct 14, 1998
Agreement for the Establishment of a Line of Credit for the Project Preparation and Execution Facility (PROPEF) FAPEP-Letter of Agreement 19/LC-BA;BA-L1005 Apr 5, 2006

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