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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
CH-T1001 Chile URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Urban Renewal and Development of Valparaíso 0.15 Approved Jul 14, 2004
TC0112071 Chile ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Dam Evaluation in Response to Sismic Events 0.20 Approved Jan 27, 2003
TC9805386 Chile PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Mgmt.Training Program: Metallurgic Sector 0.15 Approved Jun 9, 1998
CR-T1004 Costa Rica WATER AND SANITATION Start-up of the Empresa de Servicios Públicos de Alajuela S.A 0.14 Approved Dec 17, 2003
TC0202044 Costa Rica WATER AND SANITATION Heredia Sewerage Project 0.15 Approved Jan 22, 2003
TC0205028 Costa Rica WATER AND SANITATION Metropolitan San José Sewerage Concession 0.02 Approved May 21, 2002
TC0010042 Costa Rica ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Punta Arenas Marine Park Support Study 0.22 Approved Feb 8, 2002
TC0105013 Costa Rica WATER AND SANITATION San Jose Sewerage Concession 0.05 Approved May 11, 2001
TC9909012 Costa Rica WATER AND SANITATION San Jose Wastewater Treatment Plant Bot 0.03 Approved Sep 14, 1999
TC9812022 Costa Rica TRANSPORT Public Transportation Modernization 0.50 Approved May 12, 1999
EC-T1087 Ecuador URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Support Neighborhood Upgrading Program in Guayaquil 0.20 Approved Oct 18, 2007
EC-T1019 Ecuador ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Feasibility Study for Fish Aggregating Devices in Galapagos 0.05 Approved Jun 18, 2004
TC9812014 Ecuador TRANSPORT Implement of Countable Transit Stations 0.03 Approved Dec 9, 1998
TC0010023 El Salvador AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Design Agrotechn. Partnerships Component 0.13 Approved Oct 23, 2000
TC9812005 El Salvador WATER AND SANITATION Urban Drainage Diagnosis 0.03 Approved Jan 12, 1999
TC0201095 Guatemala AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Competitive Milk Sector in Guatemala 0.15 Approved Aug 26, 2002
TC9911124 Guatemala TRANSPORT Urban Transport System Gis 0.15 Approved Apr 11, 2001
TC9712367 Haiti PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Support to Private Sector in Haiti (2) 0.08 Approved Dec 22, 1997
TC9701500 Haiti FINANCIAL MARKETS Assistance to the Private Sector 0.11 Approved Mar 21, 1997
HO-X1011 Honduras TRADE Support for Honduras Country Office in Capacity Strengthening Areas 0.15 Approved Oct 8, 2008

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