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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
TC9610412 Honduras WATER AND SANITATION Tc to Decentralized Service Providers 0.45 Approved Mar 3, 1998
NI-T1029 Nicaragua ENERGY Wind Power Park Feasability Study/Corn Island 0.15 Approved Dec 9, 2005
TC0301033 Peru ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Institutional Development & Modernization of Water and Sanitation Sector 0.20 Approved Nov 25, 2003
TC0106036 Peru ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Environmental Assessment Nuevo Mundo 0.04 Approved Jun 26, 2001
TC9809065 Peru ENERGY Cleaner Production in the Energy Sector 0.07 Approved Sep 23, 1998
RG-T2720 Regional FINANCIAL MARKETS Integ of Environ and Soc Concerns into CM: Supporting NDB Capacities to issue GB 0.75 Approved Jun 15, 2016
RG-T2325 Regional REGIONAL INTEGRATION Strengthening the Financial Stability and Development Group 0.22 Approved Dec 9, 2013
RG-T1959 Regional ENERGY Pilot projects for the certification of biofuel 0.15 Approved May 26, 2010
RG-T1693 Regional FINANCIAL MARKETS Institutional Framework and Governance of Supervision Organisms in Latin America 0.15 Approved Feb 27, 2009
RG-T1590 Regional FINANCIAL MARKETS Regional Facility for the Development of Insurance Programs II 0.50 Approved Jan 8, 2009
RG-T1484 Regional ENERGY Energy Efficiency and Competitiveness 0.07 Approved Mar 13, 2008
RG-T1372 Regional PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Effective Regulation for Microfinance Expansion in Latin America & the Caribbean 0.15 Approved Nov 8, 2007
RS-T1224 Regional AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Agricultural Biotechnology in LAC 0.13 Approved Mar 22, 2006
RS-T1177 Regional ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Regional Border Development for Honduras-Nicaragua 0.53 Approved Jan 12, 2006
RS-T1154 Regional ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Project Screening Tool for Landfill Gas Management and Use in LAC 0.09 Approved May 16, 2005
RG-T1084 Regional ENERGY Assessment of Carbon Finance Opportunities for Small-Scale Deals 0.06 Approved Aug 6, 2004
TC0210062 Regional Evaluation: IDB Policy on Natural and Unexpected Disasters 0.35 Approved Feb 26, 2003
TC0210031 Regional SOCIAL INVESTMENT Cultural Land Use GIS Software, Phase II - CLAN 0.05 Approved Nov 1, 2002
TC0207032 Regional SOCIAL INVESTMENT Evaluation of the Bank's Emergency & Reconstruction Facility 0.08 Approved Jul 24, 2002
TC0201057 Regional SOCIAL INVESTMENT Support Indigenous Business Development 0.06 Approved Feb 19, 2002

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