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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
AR-L1277 Argentina ENERGY La Castellana Wind Project 5.00 Approved Jun 21, 2017
AR-T1172 Argentina REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Improvement of fiscal management of the province of Cordoba 0.20 Approved Jun 13, 2017
AR-L1113 Argentina TRADE Banco de Galicia y Buenos Aires - TFFP 34.54 Approved Jun 12, 2017
AR-T1181 Argentina REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Public Companies: Lessons learned from Chile, Colombia and Peru 0.01 Approved May 24, 2017
AR-T1178 Argentina PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Inclu-Tec: Inclusive Employment in Knowledge-based Businesses 0.74 Approved May 18, 2017
AR-T1180 Argentina REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Strenghtening of Monitoring and Evaluation of State Owned Enterprises 0.35 Approved Apr 17, 2017
AR-L1252 Argentina SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Technological Innovation Program V 100.00 Approved Apr 7, 2017
AR-T1183 Argentina FINANCIAL MARKETS Support the Banco de Inversión y Comercio Exterior on the deveopment of a platform for Factoring 0.01 Approved Mar 21, 2017
AR-T1179 Argentina TRANSPORT Transfer of Knowledge about the Implementation of Large-Scale Road Tunnel Construction Projects 0.02 Approved Feb 14, 2017
AR-T1175 Argentina ENERGY Development of a Forest Waste-to-Energy Model to Cover the Basic Needs of the Vulnerable Population in the Municipio of San Carlos de Bariloche 0.83 Approved Feb 2, 2017
AR-T1176 Argentina PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT ECOMICRO - Development of an Alternative Green Finance Channel through Crowfunding - Ecomicro Program 0.37 Approved Jan 12, 2017
AR-L1251 Argentina TRADE Program for Implementation of the National System for the Argentine International Trade Single Window 73.60 Approved Dec 12, 2016
AR-T1171 Argentina AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Collective Impact Investment Consortium Model for Argentina¿s Gran Chaco Region 0.88 Approved Dec 7, 2016
AR-T1158 Argentina WATER AND SANITATION Integrated Management Plan for Drainage and Flood Control in the Arroyo Medrano Basin (CAM) 0.60 Approved Dec 5, 2016
AR-L1199 Argentina TRANSPORT Program to Expand Capacity and Road Safety on Integration Road Corridors 300.00 Approved Dec 5, 2016
AR-L1248 Argentina REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Provincial Management Strengthening Program 120.00 Approved Dec 5, 2016
AR-T1145 Argentina WATER AND SANITATION Support for Modernization of Water and Sanitation Sector 0.50 Approved Dec 5, 2016
AR-T1170 Argentina AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Financial Inclusion for Climate-smart Agriculture in Argentina 1.00 Approved Dec 1, 2016
AR-T1144 Argentina SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Re-Design Productive Development Policies 0.20 Approved Dec 1, 2016
AR-T1168 Argentina PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Development of the Sharing Economy in Cities as a Tool to Promote Social Inclusion, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation 1.75 Approved Nov 30, 2016

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