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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
CH-L1079 Chile ENERGY Arica I Solar PV Project 50.10 Approved Dec 16, 2014
CR-L1070 Costa Rica ENERGY First Renewable Energy, Transmission and Distribution of Electricity Program 200.00 Approved Nov 25, 2015
CR-L1071 Costa Rica ENERGY TicoFrut Biomass Cogeneration Plant 7.20 Approved Oct 8, 2015
EC-T1327 Ecuador ENERGY Measuring Ecuador's Rural Electrification benefits 0.40 Approved Jun 15, 2016
ES-L1091 El Salvador ENERGY Providencia Solar PV Project 87.70 Approved Dec 14, 2015
GU-L1084 Guatemala ENERGY Multiphase Rural Electrification Program Phase II 55.00 Approved Dec 17, 2014
HO-M1048 Honduras ENERGY Honduras Rewewable Energy Finance Facility (H-REFF) 4.00 Approved Sep 30, 2015
HO-X1032 Honduras ENERGY Honduras Rewewable Energy Finance Facility (H-REFF) 0.95 Approved Sep 30, 2015
HO-X1033 Honduras ENERGY Honduras Rewewable Energy Finance Facility (H-REFF) 20.00 Approved Sep 30, 2015
HO-X1035 Honduras ENERGY Honduras Rewewable Energy Finance Facility (H-REFF) 3.00 Approved Sep 30, 2015
HO-L1116 Honduras ENERGY Invema Self Supply Solar and Energy Efficiency - Amendment 8.88 Approved Jul 16, 2015
HO-X1031 Honduras ENERGY Guarantee: for the CORINSA Self-Supply Solar Project (HO-L1099) 1.25 Approved Mar 30, 2015
ME-T1302 Mexico ENERGY Strengthening the capacity planner SENER Decision Making Center for Energy Secto 0.25 Approved Mar 22, 2016
ME-L1185 Mexico ENERGY Bright Distributed Generation Solar Projects 20.00 Approved Dec 10, 2015
ME-T1291 Mexico ENERGY Strengthening of the planning capacity of SENER 0.50 Approved Nov 24, 2015
RG-T2729 Regional ENERGY Complementary studies to support the Andean Energy Integration Process 1.00 Approved Jun 24, 2016
RG-T2705 Regional ENERGY Boost the development and improvement of the Regional Electricity Market in CA 0.70 Approved Apr 15, 2016
UR-L1100 Uruguay ENERGY Casablanca and Giacote Solar PV Project 85.00 Approved Jul 7, 2015
UR-L1105 Uruguay ENERGY Valentines Wind Project 108.00 Approved May 6, 2015

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