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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
UR-T1073 Uruguay SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Support to the Preparation of the Program to Support the Tourism Sector 0.09 Approved Apr 22, 2011
UR-T1071 Uruguay REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Support preparation of Subnational Development and Management Program 0.22 Approved Feb 23, 2011
UR-T1060 Uruguay AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Characterization and Budget Structure of the Farming Sector in Uruguay 0.06 Approved Jun 24, 2009
UR-T1028 Uruguay WATER AND SANITATION Stormwater Drainage Company for Ciudad de la Costa 0.14 Approved Nov 30, 2006
UR-T1008 Uruguay SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Improve Competitiveness of Tourist Destinations 0.15 Approved Oct 5, 2005
UR-T1004 Uruguay TRANSPORT Analysis to Modernize the Port of Montevideo 0.13 Approved Dec 14, 2004
UR-T1005 Uruguay SOCIAL INVESTMENT Remittances through the Postal System as a Development Instrument 0.07 Approved Dec 7, 2004
TC0112069 Uruguay AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Partnership Agricultural Cooperatives Consolidation 0.31 Approved Jun 23, 2003
TC0110010 Uruguay URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Promotion of Local Economic Development 0.16 Approved Oct 17, 2001
VE-X1001 Venezuela Trust Fund Appointee - Second Phase of the Master CECO 0.05 Approved Aug 27, 2012

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