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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
VE-T1058 Venezuela TRADE Support to the Venezuelan Ministry of Commerce in institutional strengthening in the areas of export promotion, investment attraction and trade facilitation 0.10 Approved Aug 1, 2017
VE-T1056 Venezuela ENERGY Support for the strengthening of the Venezuelan electricity sector 0.50 Approved Jul 20, 2017
VE-T1052 Venezuela URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Implementation of the Sustainable Cities Program: a comprehensive approach for intermediate cities in Venezuela 1.10 Approved Jun 27, 2017
VE-T1059 Venezuela FINANCIAL MARKETS Transfer of knowledge on Risk Based Supervision of the Capital Market in Colombia 0.01 Approved May 25, 2017
VE-T1057 Venezuela REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Fiscal Statistics Knowledge Transfer in Mexico 0.02 Approved Feb 1, 2017
VE-T1047 Venezuela URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING ESCI Implementation of the City of Cumana in Venezuela 1.30 Approved Nov 2, 2016
VE-T1054 Venezuela ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Program of Seismic Risk Reduction in Cumana 0.30 Approved Sep 19, 2016
VE-T1050 Venezuela ENERGY A Powerhouse 1 Central Simon Bolivar" Project 0.34 Approved Sep 28, 2015
VE-T1044 Venezuela SOCIAL INVESTMENT Implementation Model for Prevention and care 0.80 Approved Dec 5, 2014
VE-T1024 Venezuela ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Support the Strengthening of the New Framework for Disaster Risk Management 0.45 Approved Sep 10, 2014
VE-T1033 Venezuela ENERGY Modernization and Strengthening of the National Dispatch Center 0.30 Approved Apr 11, 2014
VE-T1037 Venezuela ENERGY CORPOELEC - Argentinian Electric Sector Companies: Knowledge Exchange 0.02 Approved Dec 16, 2013
VE-T1046 Venezuela ENERGY National Dispatching Center-Argentinian companies- 0.02 Approved Dec 16, 2013
VE-T1038 Venezuela SOCIAL INVESTMENT National System of Youth and Children's Orchestras of Venezuela 0.99 Approved Jun 24, 2013
VE-L1036 Venezuela WATER AND SANITATION Optimization Of Water Quality Management In Comm with More Than 5,000 Inhabit 100.00 Approved Sep 13, 2012
VE-L1037 Venezuela WATER AND SANITATION Sanitation of Guaire River 300.00 Approved Sep 13, 2012
VE-X1001 Venezuela Trust Fund Appointee - Second Phase of the Master CECO 0.05 Approved Aug 27, 2012
VE-T1030 Venezuela ENERGY CTIntra . CORPOELEC-EPM: Sharing Knowledge and Best Practices in Commercial Area 0.02 Approved Aug 22, 2012
VE-L1035 Venezuela ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Emergency Response Program to rains in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela 20.00 Approved Nov 18, 2011
VE-T1026 Venezuela SOCIAL INVESTMENT National System of Youth Orchestras. Impact Evaluation 1.00 Approved Sep 19, 2011

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