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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
UR-L1142 Uruguay PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project 25.00 Approved Preparation
UR-L1140 Uruguay TRADE Investment, Trade and Innovation Framework Modernization Program 250.00 Preparation Preparation
UR-L1104 Uruguay ENERGY Campo Palomas Wind Power Project 70.00 Approved Preparation
UR-T1173 Uruguay WATER AND SANITATION Urban Waste Management Improvement in Montevideo 0.50 Preparation Preparation
UR-T1166 Uruguay TRANSPORT Urban Mobility in Intermediate Cities 0.30 Approved Oct 18, 2017
UR-L1143 Uruguay REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE e-Government Management Project in the Health Sector II 6.00 Approved Sep 22, 2017
UR-L1141 Uruguay EDUCATION Generation C: Strengthening education innovations for 21st Century skills and competencies 30.00 Approved Sep 14, 2017
UR-T1141 Uruguay SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Support to developing a Master Plan for a TECHNOPARK in Rivera¿s UTEC Campus 0.60 Approved Sep 11, 2017
UR-T1164 Uruguay HEALTH National Health Objectives and Care Quality 0.50 Approved Aug 18, 2017
UR-T1172 Uruguay WATER AND SANITATION Training in non-conventional sanitation systems in Peru 0.01 Approved Aug 11, 2017
UR-T1159 Uruguay SOCIAL INVESTMENT WomenTrafficking: Resources and responses for fighting on the Uruguay-Brazil border 0.12 Approved Jun 2, 2017
UR-L1100 Uruguay ENERGY Casablanca and Giacote Solar PV Project 90.00 Approved May 15, 2017
UR-L1144 Uruguay ENERGY Melo-Tacuarembó Transmission Line 17.86 Approved May 9, 2017
UR-T1168 Uruguay EDUCATION YOUTH PROGRAMMERS 1.00 Approved Apr 27, 2017
UR-T1169 Uruguay REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Exchange of Experiences in State Budget Management 0.01 Approved Mar 2, 2017
UR-T1167 Uruguay OTHER Action Plan C&D 0.33 Approved Jan 3, 2017
UR-T1154 Uruguay PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Promoting High Impact Technology Startups through Thales Lab 1.00 Approved Dec 6, 2016
UR-O1149 Uruguay SUSTAINABLE TOURISM National Tourism Program 20.00 Approved Nov 30, 2016
UR-L1113 Uruguay SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Tourism Corridor Development Program 5.00 Approved Nov 30, 2016
UR-T1136 Uruguay REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Strengthening the Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Owned Enterprises 0.40 Approved Nov 21, 2016

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