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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
PN-L1107 Panama TRANSPORT Land border crossing integration program 50.00 Preparation Preparation
PN-L1146 Panama URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Support for the Rehabilitation of Panama's Cultural and Natural Heritage 65.00 Preparation Preparation
PN-L1143 Panama EDUCATION Improving Efficiency and Quality of the Education Sector Program 100.00 Preparation Preparation
PN-L1148 Panama WATER AND SANITATION Operational Management Improvement Program of IDAAN in the Metropolitan Area of Panama City 250.00 Preparation Preparation
PN-T1196 Panama OTHER Intership Program for Government officials and indigenous representatives of Panama to exchange experiences with Chile on territorial economic development and financial inclusion of indigenous people 0.02 Preparation Preparation
PN-T1194 Panama OTHER Knowledge Exchange on Electronic Invoicing and Fiscal Risk 0.01 Preparation Preparation
PN-T1190 Panama ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation through Low-Impact Ecotourism in SINAP II 0.75 Preparation Preparation
PN-T1176 Panama REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Support to the Program on Strengthening Financial and Fiscal Transparency 0.17 Preparation Preparation
PN-T1182 Panama WATER AND SANITATION Support to the Sustainable Development of the Public Services in Panama 0.50 Preparation Preparation
PN-T1187 Panama URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Support urban development of intermediary cities in Panama 0.75 Preparation Preparation
PN-T1174 Panama URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Tools for the sustainable preservation and management of Panama's cultural and natural heritage 0.50 Preparation Preparation
PN-L1065 Panama TRADE Tower Bank - TFFP 18.00 Approved Sep 21, 2017
PN-T1156 Panama SOCIAL INVESTMENT Strengthening the Model of the Centers of the National Institute of Women (CINAMU) 0.38 Approved Sep 15, 2017
PN-T1179 Panama HEALTH Support to the design of Integrated Health Services Networks (RISS) 0.20 Approved Sep 14, 2017
PN-T1170 Panama HEALTH Improvements to nutritional health and quality of education among infants and children of school age in indigenous areas 0.30 Approved Aug 31, 2017
PN-T1186 Panama TRANSPORT Support for the Panama's Transport and Logistics Sector Reform Program 0.50 Approved Aug 31, 2017
PN-T1180 Panama SOCIAL INVESTMENT Support to the Program for Transparency and Equity in Social Spending II 0.20 Approved Aug 15, 2017
PN-T1185 Panama PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Flying Labs: Harnessing the Power of Robotics for Social Innovation 0.72 Approved Aug 3, 2017
PN-L1145 Panama ENERGY Public Utilities Sustainable Development Support Program 300.00 Approved Jul 26, 2017
PN-T1169 Panama ENERGY Support to the Reform Program for the Sustainability of the Electricity Sector 0.50 Approved Jul 13, 2017

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