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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
PE-L1146 Peru SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Broadband program 70.00 Preparation Preparation
PE-L1232 Peru ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Forest Investment Projects Peru 16.80 Preparation Preparation
PE-L1226 Peru WATER AND SANITATION Integrated Rural Water and Sanitation Program (PIASAR) 100.00 Preparation Preparation
PE-L1222 Peru REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Project for Improvement and Expansion of Support Services for the Provision of Services to Citizens and Firms at the National Level 50.00 Preparation Preparation
PE-L1231 Peru REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Quality improvement of public investment expenditure 65.00 Preparation Preparation
PE-T1342 Peru WATER AND SANITATION Support to the preparation and initial executionn of the Program for Improvement of the Management of the Sanitation Services Companies PE-L1236 0.70 Preparation Preparation
PE-T1339 Peru WATER AND SANITATION Support to the preparation of the flood control and storm drainage program 1.10 Preparation Preparation
PE-T1381 Peru OTHER Knowledge Exchange on Electronic Invoicing and Fiscal Risk 0.01 Preparation Preparation
PE-T1382 Peru SOCIAL INVESTMENT Support for the development of the labor force in the mining sector in Peru 0.17 Preparation Preparation
PE-T1363 Peru REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Support the modernization of Integrated Fiscal Management of Public Finances Program 0.35 Preparation Preparation
PE-T1383 Peru ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Support to the Government of Peru in the implementation of the DCI Facility (REDD+) 0.50 Preparation Preparation
PE-T1355 Peru URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Support to the National Platform for Sustainable Cities and Climate Change in Lima 6.42 Preparation Preparation
PE-T1384 Peru ENERGY Strengthening the Viceministry of Mines in Peru (CANEF Phase 1) 0.30 Approved Oct 4, 2017
PE-L1171 Peru REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Improving Access to Civil Registry Services and Quality Identification at the National Level 50.00 Approved Sep 21, 2017
PE-L1153 Peru WATER AND SANITATION Program to Recover Locations Degraded by Solid Waste in Priority Areas 30.00 Approved Sep 14, 2017
PE-T1368 Peru EDUCATION Support higher education operation for productivity through formalization, building on sector dialogue in education 0.50 Approved Sep 6, 2017
PE-T1367 Peru SOCIAL INVESTMENT Strengthening local management of citizen security in Peru 0.36 Approved Aug 18, 2017
PE-L1029 Peru TRADE Banco Interamericano de Finanzas - TFFP 34.00 Approved Aug 7, 2017
PE-T1364 Peru REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Support to the Program of Improvement of the Efficiency of the Expenditure in Public Investment 0.30 Approved Jul 20, 2017
PE-T1358 Peru AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Climate-smart Agriculture Development Impact Bond Model for Productive Improvement of Agroforestry Products and the Conservation of the Forest of Asháninka Communities in the Peruvian Amazon 1.34 Approved Jul 19, 2017

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