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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
NI-L1143 Nicaragua HEALTH Multisector Program to Address Determinants of Health in the Dry Corridor 160.00 Preparation Preparation
NI-L1145 Nicaragua WATER AND SANITATION Project for improvement and sustainable management of potable water and sanitation services in urban and peri-urban areas 45.00 Preparation Preparation
NI-G1020 Nicaragua TRADE Support Border Integration Program 23.58 Preparation Preparation
NI-T1249 Nicaragua OTHER Behavior Change in Nicaragua 0.20 Preparation Preparation
NI-T1242 Nicaragua ENERGY Competition Improvement of the Power Generation Subsector 0.35 Preparation Preparation
NI-T1250 Nicaragua ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Exchange on Governance for Climate Financing 0.01 Preparation Preparation
NI-T1248 Nicaragua OTHER Knowledge Exchange on Electronic Invoicing and Fiscal Risk 0.01 Preparation Preparation
NI-T1247 Nicaragua WATER AND SANITATION Support for the design and implementation of the projects for the improvement and sustainable management of potable water and sanitation services in urban and peri-urban areas (NI-L1145 ) 0.42 Preparation Preparation
NI-L1144 Nicaragua ENERGY Program to Strengthen the Electricity Sector in Nicaragua III 65.00 Approved Sep 27, 2017
NI-T1232 Nicaragua ENERGY Support to the Geothermal Exploration Program and Improved Power Transmission in the Framework of Nicaragua's Investment Plan (PINIC) 0.46 Approved Aug 31, 2017
NI-L1028 Nicaragua TRADE Banco de la Produccion S.A. - TFFP 18.03 Approved Jun 29, 2017
NI-L1031 Nicaragua TRADE Banco de Finanzas - TFFP 7.96 Approved Jun 20, 2017
NI-T1226 Nicaragua SOCIAL INVESTMENT Support to the Impact Evaluations of Early Childhood Development Programs 0.15 Approved May 30, 2017
NI-T1237 Nicaragua AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Sustainable Livestock Management in Nicaragua 0.83 Approved May 25, 2017
NI-L1096 Nicaragua FINANCIAL MARKETS Program to Improve Productivity in Nicaragua II 65.00 Approved Mar 22, 2017
NI-T1246 Nicaragua OTHER Action Plan C&D 0.67 Approved Jan 3, 2017
NI-T1245 Nicaragua ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Assistance In Response to the Damages Caused by Hurricane Otto 0.20 Approved Dec 14, 2016
NI-T1236 Nicaragua FINANCIAL MARKETS Exchange of Experiences in Financial Products for Development 0.01 Approved Dec 9, 2016
NI-T1204 Nicaragua TRANSPORT Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in Infrastructure for competitiveness in Nicaragua 0.36 Approved Dec 9, 2016
NI-T1233 Nicaragua TRANSPORT Support to the development of the logistics freight and ports in Nicaragua 0.80 Approved Dec 9, 2016

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