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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
ES-L1128 El Salvador REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Support to the National Statistics and Information System and National Planning 45.00 Preparation Preparation
ES-L1096 El Salvador TRANSPORT Transportation Program for the San Salvador Metropolitan Area II 85.00 Preparation Preparation
ES-L1132 El Salvador FINANCIAL MARKETS Global Credit Loan for the Financing of Energy Efficiency in Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises 20.00 Preparation Preparation
ES-Q0001 El Salvador WATER AND SANITATION Capital Movilization to Promote Resilience in Water Services 2.00 Preparation Preparation
ES-T1282 El Salvador EDUCATION Children raised by grandparents in the Northern Triangle: Education policy responses. Phase I. 0.50 Preparation Preparation
ES-T1258 El Salvador FINANCIAL MARKETS Towards Energy Savings Insurance (ESI) for private energy efficiency investments by Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) 1.70 Preparation Preparation
ES-T1260 El Salvador EDUCATION Promoting a Culture of Integration and Equal Opportunities for Youth Living in Poverty 0.75 Approved Dec 5, 2017
ES-T1268 El Salvador AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Evaluation of Ecosystem Services in the Coffee Area 0.30 Approved Dec 1, 2017
ES-T1279 El Salvador SOCIAL INVESTMENT Impact Evaluation of the Ciudad Mujer Program in El Salvador 0.43 Approved Nov 7, 2017
ES-T1283 El Salvador TRANSPORT Exchange of Experiences of the Regional Urban Airport Macro Project (MURA) 0.02 Approved Oct 30, 2017
ES-T1281 El Salvador PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Inclusive Innovation, Civic Participation, and Youth Social Entrepreneurship 0.80 Approved Sep 14, 2017
ES-T1245 El Salvador REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Support for Strenghtening of Tax Administration and Fiscal Policies for Inclusive Growth 0.28 Approved Jul 20, 2017
ES-T1275 El Salvador TRANSPORT Updating of the transport model and travel distribution matrix for the Metropolitan Area of San Salvador 0.50 Approved Jun 29, 2017
ES-T1273 El Salvador HEALTH Study Visit for Hospital Management and Experience on Public Private Partnership Projects 0.02 Approved Jun 13, 2017
ES-T1274 El Salvador OTHER Action Plan C&D 0.50 Approved Jan 3, 2017
ES-T1256 El Salvador FINANCIAL MARKETS Intership for Seguros Futuro and Banco de Fomento Agropecuario de El Salvador to SAGARPA, Mexico for Parametric Insurance 0.01 Approved Dec 14, 2016
ES-T1272 El Salvador EDUCATION Exchange between El Salvador and Argentina on Policies for an Improved School to Work Transition 0.01 Approved Dec 13, 2016
ES-T1270 El Salvador SOCIAL INVESTMENT Exchange of Experiences between Ciudad Mujer Honduras and El Salvador 0.02 Approved Dec 13, 2016
ES-L1131 El Salvador REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Tax Administration Strenghtening Program 30.00 Approved Dec 7, 2016
ES-T1247 El Salvador WATER AND SANITATION Support Strategic Planning in Drainage Sector in El Salvador 0.78 Approved Nov 9, 2016

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