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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
EC-L1227 Ecuador REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Multiphase program for quality improvement in the provision of social services - Phase I 237.60 Preparation Preparation
EC-L1223 Ecuador ENERGY Supporting the advancement of energy matrix transition in Ecuador 150.00 Preparation Preparation
EC-T1365 Ecuador WATER AND SANITATION Integral Management of Solid Waste in Ecuador 0.25 Preparation Preparation
EC-T1383 Ecuador OTHER Knowledge Exchange on Electronic Invoicing and Fiscal Risk 0.01 Preparation Preparation
EC-T1368 Ecuador REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Automation of Penal Judicial Processes 0.25 Approved Oct 13, 2017
EC-T1363 Ecuador REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Support for the Development of the Public Asset Management System 0.25 Approved Oct 13, 2017
EC-T1369 Ecuador SOCIAL INVESTMENT Support to the Continuous Improvement of Social Services in Ecuador. 0.30 Approved Oct 3, 2017
EC-T1381 Ecuador AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Support to Oleana¿s Palm Oil Supply Chain 0.40 Approved Sep 15, 2017
EC-T1379 Ecuador WATER AND SANITATION Strengthening of the Water Secretariat and the Water Regulation and Control Agency. 0.20 Approved Aug 17, 2017
EC-T1358 Ecuador REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Support to the Identification and Development of Sub-national Public-Private Partnership Projects 0.38 Approved Aug 2, 2017
EC-T1370 Ecuador ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Competitiveness of Mangroves Concessionaire Communities in the Gulf of Guayaquil 0.80 Approved Jul 13, 2017
EC-T1373 Ecuador SOCIAL INVESTMENT Closing Gaps: Teaching and Learning Math in the Early Grades 1.00 Approved Jul 5, 2017
EC-L1024 Ecuador TRADE Banco de la Produccion, S.A. (PRODUBANCO) 68.00 Approved Jun 16, 2017
EC-T1375 Ecuador ENERGY Kara Solar: Solar-Powered River Transportation in Achuar Territory 0.15 Approved Jun 12, 2017
EC-T1364 Ecuador WATER AND SANITATION Master Plan Update and Completion Studies A & S Projects for Cuenca 0.40 Approved Jun 12, 2017
EC-T1374 Ecuador URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Strengthening an Urban Entrepreneurship Model in Ecuador 0.65 Approved May 18, 2017
EC-T1377 Ecuador ENERGY Experience Sharing in the Development and Monitoring of Geothermal Fields 0.01 Approved May 3, 2017
EC-T1350 Ecuador SOCIAL INVESTMENT Support the initiative of creating an index of Well-being and Quality of Life 0.10 Approved May 1, 2017
EC-T1372 Ecuador SOCIAL INVESTMENT Closing Gaps VI and VII: teaching and learning throughout primary school 2.50 Approved Apr 20, 2017

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