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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
CR-X1016 Costa Rica ENERGY Guarantee for TicoFrut Biomass Cogeneration Plant 1.20 Preparation Preparation
CR-T1148 Costa Rica ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Sustainable management of ecosystem services 3.49 Preparation Preparation
CR-T1172 Costa Rica TRANSPORT Support to the Preparation and Execution of the Operations of the Transport Sector in Costa Rica 0.45 Approved Dec 7, 2017
CR-T1127 Costa Rica REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Budget for Results 0.10 Approved Dec 4, 2017
CR-T1160 Costa Rica URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Urban Regeneration of the Four Central Districts of San José 0.23 Approved Nov 30, 2017
CR-T1171 Costa Rica REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Knowledge Exchange on Electronic Invoicing and Fiscal Risk 0.00 Approved Nov 2, 2017
CR-T1158 Costa Rica SOCIAL INVESTMENT Support to the creation of a long term care policy to asist dependent people in Costa Rica 0.18 Approved Oct 19, 2017
CR-T1175 Costa Rica ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Emergency Support for the Tropical Storm Nate 0.20 Approved Oct 12, 2017
CR-T1157 Costa Rica SOCIAL INVESTMENT Human and Productive Empowerment for Indigenous and Afro-descendant Peoples of Costa Rica 0.79 Approved Sep 25, 2017
CR-T1167 Costa Rica SOCIAL INVESTMENT Technical Cooperation to Visit the Public-Private Support Model for the Continuous Development of Workers from Riviera Maya 0.02 Approved Sep 12, 2017
CR-L1010 Costa Rica TRADE Costa Rica National Bank - TFFP 43.00 Approved Jul 10, 2017
CR-T1154 Costa Rica SOCIAL INVESTMENT Strengthening of Active Labor Market Policies in Costa Rica 0.30 Approved Jun 27, 2017
CR-L1027 Costa Rica TRADE Banco Lafise Costa Rica - TFFP 11.00 Approved Jun 19, 2017
CR-T1162 Costa Rica OTHER Action Plan C&D 0.33 Approved Jan 3, 2017
CR-T1149 Costa Rica ENERGY Environmental and Social Management Capacity Building for ICE¿s Electricity Business Line 0.42 Approved Dec 14, 2016
CR-T1155 Costa Rica SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Capacity Building Activities Management Innovation, Science and Technology 0.02 Approved Dec 13, 2016
CR-X1011 Costa Rica TRADE BAC SAN JOSE -TFFP 10.00 Approved Dec 12, 2016
CR-L1083 Costa Rica URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Coopeservidores Housing Financing Partnership 10.00 Approved Dec 5, 2016
CR-T1161 Costa Rica ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Support for Emergencies Generated by Hurricane Otto 0.20 Approved Dec 5, 2016
CR-T1153 Costa Rica PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Innovation for Internationalization 0.70 Approved Dec 1, 2016

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