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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
CO-L1114 Colombia AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Program to Support Agricultural Competitiveness 100.00 Preparation Preparation
CO-L1164 Colombia REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Municipal Cadastral Management Strengthening Program 50.00 Preparation Preparation
CO-L1217 Colombia ENERGY National Program to Ensure Sustainable and Efficient Energy Supply 300.00 Preparation Preparation
CO-L1232 Colombia WATER AND SANITATION Plan for the reconstruction of the municipality of Mocoa (Department of Putumayo), Master Plan of Sewage. 30.00 Preparation Preparation
CO-L1225 Colombia REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Program for Strengthening Institutional Management of the Attorney General's Office 40.00 Preparation Preparation
CO-L1166 Colombia AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Sustainable Colombia Program 100.00 Preparation Preparation
CO-T1425 Colombia SOCIAL INVESTMENT Social inclusion model for individuals with disabilites 0.32 Preparation Preparation
CO-T1439 Colombia SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Strengthening Funding Instruments for Early Stage Innovative Firms 0.39 Preparation Preparation
CO-T1463 Colombia AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Sustainable dairy value chain in Caquetá 0.40 Preparation Preparation
CO-T1464 Colombia OTHER Sustainable local economic development of the Colombian Archipelago of San Andrés: learning from the projects developed in the program Compete Caribbean 0.02 Preparation Preparation
CO-T1426 Colombia FINANCIAL MARKETS Rural Microfinance Sector Development 0.20 Approved Oct 16, 2017
CO-T1449 Colombia REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Modernization of the Attorney General's Office for Citizen Participation 0.30 Approved Sep 19, 2017
CO-T1462 Colombia PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Innovative Instruments to Foster Energy Efficiency in SMEs in Colombia 2.05 Approved Sep 13, 2017
CO-T1458 Colombia FINANCIAL MARKETS Credit Rating Technology for Emerging Enterprises 0.15 Approved Sep 12, 2017
CO-T1452 Colombia SOCIAL INVESTMENT Quantifying female demand for flexible working hours in the labor market in Bogotá 0.15 Approved Aug 29, 2017
CO-T1455 Colombia FINANCIAL MARKETS Knowledge Sharing ECOCASAS 0.01 Approved Aug 15, 2017
CO-T1445 Colombia SOCIAL INVESTMENT Skill Strategies for Growth 0.25 Approved Aug 4, 2017
CO-T1457 Colombia WATER AND SANITATION Comprehensive Development of Urban Water and Sewerage Companies in Colombia 15.50 Approved Jul 26, 2017
CO-L1214 Colombia FINANCIAL MARKETS Financial System Reform Support Program II 450.00 Approved Jun 6, 2017
CO-T1418 Colombia SOCIAL INVESTMENT Support to reform of the social subsidies 0.25 Approved May 30, 2017

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