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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
CH-L1091 Chile REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Strengthening of the Management of Municipalities in Chile Program 20.00 Preparation Preparation
CH-L1138 Chile TRADE Program to support Chile's Global Services Export Sector 27.00 Preparation Preparation
CH-T1197 Chile PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Apoyo a la Consolidación del Fondo de Inversiones Estratégicas 0.20 Preparation Preparation
CH-T1195 Chile PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Smart City in a Box: Promoting Better Cities through Technology 0.86 Approved Oct 12, 2017
CH-T1201 Chile HEALTH Management Model for the Construction, Maintenance and Renovation of the Health Infrastructure in Chile 0.10 Approved Oct 3, 2017
CH-T1188 Chile URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Institutional Governance Proposal for the Heritage Area of ¿¿Valparaiso City 0.50 Approved Sep 20, 2017
CH-T1193 Chile SOCIAL INVESTMENT Innovating for the design of security policies in Chile 0.30 Approved Sep 1, 2017
CH-L1134 Chile PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Competitiveness and Productive Diversification Support Program 35.00 Approved Aug 29, 2017
CH-T1199 Chile HEALTH Support the National Institute of Public Health on the strenghtening of the medical device's regulation process 0.15 Approved Aug 4, 2017
CH-T1191 Chile REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Strengthening institutional capacity for decision making and the design, evaluation and monitoring of public policies applying advanced analytical techniques based on big data 0.25 Approved Jul 10, 2017
CH-L1135 Chile SOCIAL INVESTMENT Program to Strengthen the Labor Intermediation System in Chile 100.00 Approved Jun 19, 2017
CH-T1189 Chile SOCIAL INVESTMENT Support to labor policy and competency-based training system in Chile 0.35 Approved Jun 16, 2017
CH-T1202 Chile ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Support to Emergency for raining in Coquimbo 0.10 Approved Jun 15, 2017
CH-T1190 Chile TRANSPORT Support to the Creation of the Company Fondo de Infraestructura S.A. 0.27 Approved May 23, 2017
CH-T1183 Chile PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Unlocking the the potential of Latin America: Women STEMpreneurs 2.30 Approved Mar 22, 2017
CH-T1181 Chile AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT ¿Climate Change Resilience Solution through the Development of the High-Protein-Content Lupine Value Chain 1.30 Approved Feb 16, 2017
CH-T1194 Chile ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Fire Emergency Support to Regions El Maule and Biobío 0.20 Approved Feb 15, 2017
CH-T1192 Chile TRANSPORT Transfer of Knowledge about the Implementation of Large-Scale Road Tunnel Construction Projects 0.02 Approved Feb 13, 2017
CH-T1176 Chile ENERGY Support for Chile´s Sustainable Energy Program 1.00 Approved Feb 1, 2017
CH-T1180 Chile SOCIAL INVESTMENT Social Enterprise for Innovative Math Instruction 0.75 Approved Jan 26, 2017

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