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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
BR-L1411 Brazil URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Urban Requalification Program of the Western Region of Aracaju 75.20 Preparation Preparation
BR-L1430 Brazil URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Urbanistical Recalification Program of La Orla Lagunar de Maceió 63.50 Preparation Preparation
BR-G1004 Brazil ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Conservation Restoration and Sustainable Management in the Caatinga, Pampa and Pantanal - GEF Terrestre 32.62 Preparation Preparation
BR-L1495 Brazil WATER AND SANITATION Program for expansion and improvement of the water supply and sewerage systems of the State of Rio Grande do Sul 200.00 Preparation Preparation
BR-L1444 Brazil TRANSPORT Program of Road Infraestructure of Florianopolis 145.50 Preparation Preparation
BR-L1421 Brazil URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Integrated and Sustainable Urban Development Program of The Municipality of João Pessoa 100.00 Approved Preparation
BR-L1445 Brazil TRANSPORT Maracanaú Transportation and Urban Logistics Program 31.78 Approved Preparation
BR-O0001 Brazil FINANCIAL MARKETS Conditional Credit Line for Investment Projects (CCLIP) for Productive and Sustainable Investments 2,400.00 Preparation Preparation
BR-T1377 Brazil ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS InfraInvest: Sustainable Infrastructure in Brazil 0.60 Approved Dec 12, 2017
BR-L1502 Brazil REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Fiscal Management Modernization Program in Brazil ¿ PROFISCO II 70.00 Approved Dec 8, 2017
BR-T1375 Brazil TRANSPORT Open innovation for infrastructure projects for municipalities in Brazil 0.45 Approved Dec 8, 2017
BR-T1374 Brazil SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Digital Transformation for Innovation 0.35 Approved Dec 6, 2017
BR-T1366 Brazil TRANSPORT Support for Design of Strategies and Instruments for the Structuring Infrastructure Projects with Private Participation in Brazil 0.45 Approved Dec 1, 2017
BR-L1491 Brazil ENERGY CELESC-D Energy Infrastructure Investment Program 276.05 Approved Nov 22, 2017
BR-T1357 Brazil SOCIAL INVESTMENT Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) 0.12 Approved Nov 22, 2017
BR-X1032 Brazil TRADE Banco ABC Brasil S.A. - TFFP Line 366.00 Approved Nov 21, 2017
BR-L1494 Brazil AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT A New Model for Cattle Ranching in Brazil: PECSA¿s Sustainable, Deforestation-free Beef in the Amazon Region 2.50 Approved Nov 15, 2017
BR-L1514 Brazil ENERGY Atlantic II ¿ Lagoa do Barro Wind Project 22.50 Approved Nov 14, 2017
BR-L1490 Brazil SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Innovation for Growth Program 600.00 Approved Nov 1, 2017
BR-T1355 Brazil URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Circular Economy: A Social Entrepreneurship Model to Prevent Food Waste 0.92 Approved Oct 19, 2017

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