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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
BO-L1184 Bolivia WATER AND SANITATION Water and Sanitation for Small Towns and Rural Communities Program II 79.00 Preparation Preparation
BO-T1294 Bolivia WATER AND SANITATION Improvement Plan for the quality of Water and Sanitation Service Operators 0.30 Preparation Preparation
BO-T1291 Bolivia ENERGY Support for the preparation and initial execution for the Energy Sector Reforms PBL 0.20 Preparation Preparation
BO-T1290 Bolivia WATER AND SANITATION Support for the Preparation and Initial Implementation of the Basic Sanitation Program in Bolivia 0.18 Preparation Preparation
BO-T1324 Bolivia ENERGY Exchange of experience between Bolivia and Costa Rica on the Mitigation Hierarchy in the energy sector 0.02 Approved Dec 11, 2017
BO-T1284 Bolivia TRANSPORT Sectorial Support Transportation Studies in Bolivia 0.20 Approved Dec 8, 2017
BO-T1307 Bolivia SOCIAL INVESTMENT Strengthening Local Policies to Reduce Violence Against Women (VAW) 0.45 Approved Dec 8, 2017
BO-T1280 Bolivia SOCIAL INVESTMENT Support the Indigenous Native Peasants Governments (GAIOC) Institutionality, Implementation and Management 0.50 Approved Dec 8, 2017
BO-T1306 Bolivia WATER AND SANITATION Support for the Preparation of the National Strategy for Wastewater Treatment and the Rural Water and Sanitation Strategy in Bolivia 0.30 Approved Dec 5, 2017
BO-L1191 Bolivia WATER AND SANITATION Program to Expand and Improve Water Supply Sustainability and Resilience in Cities 75.00 Approved Nov 29, 2017
BO-T1285 Bolivia ENERGY Support for the Initial Preparation and Execution of the Expansion Program of the Energy Infrastructure of Bolivia 0.30 Approved Nov 27, 2017
BO-L1188 Bolivia ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Bolivia resilient to climate risks. 40.00 Approved Nov 22, 2017
BO-L1186 Bolivia TRANSPORT Mairana-Bermejo Segment Reconstruction Project 64.00 Approved Nov 15, 2017
BO-T1302 Bolivia REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Exchange of Experiences for the Strengthening of the National System of Public Investment 0.01 Approved Nov 14, 2017
BO-L1196 Bolivia FINANCIAL MARKETS Financial Products to Promote Climate Change Resilience in Bolivia 4.00 Approved Oct 25, 2017
BO-L1197 Bolivia FINANCIAL MARKETS Financial Products to Promote Climate Change Resilience in Bolivia 1.50 Approved Oct 25, 2017
BO-T1297 Bolivia EDUCATION JaqueMate ¿ Technology, Digital Skills, and Soft Skills to Beat Mathematics 0.60 Approved Oct 19, 2017
BO-T1268 Bolivia TRANSPORT Integral Support to the Development of National and Subnational Transport Plans and Development of Strategies for the Improvement of Road Safety. 0.28 Approved Oct 2, 2017
BO-L1112 Bolivia TRANSPORT Transportation Sector Policy Reform Program II¿ 120.00 Approved Sep 14, 2017
BO-T1301 Bolivia WATER AND SANITATION Support to the preparation and implementation of the Program for Expansion and Improvement for Sustainable and Resilient Water Supply to Cities I 0.73 Approved Aug 21, 2017

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