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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
BA-L1033 Barbados SUSTAINABLE TOURISM National Tourism Program 20.00 Preparation Preparation
BA-T1052 Barbados AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT Agribusiness Knowledge Exchange Program 0.02 Preparation Preparation
BA-T1051 Barbados OTHER Action Plan C&D 0.25 Approved Jan 3, 2017
BA-L1012 Barbados ENERGY Deployment of Cleaner Fuels and Renewable Energies in Barbados 34.00 Approved Dec 7, 2016
BA-T1049 Barbados FINANCIAL MARKETS Exchange for the Strengthening of the Caribbean Banking System 0.01 Approved Dec 7, 2016
BA-T1047 Barbados PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Catalyzing Regional Innovation & Diaspora Investment in the Startup Ecosystem 0.58 Approved Oct 20, 2016
BA-T1046 Barbados TRADE Study Tour to Uruguay by Officials of the Government of Barbados 0.02 Approved Aug 30, 2016
BA-T1043 Barbados REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Learning about the use of Administrative Registries for Statistical Purposes 0.02 Approved Aug 19, 2016
BA-T1045 Barbados OTHER Action Plan for C and D Countries 0.25 Approved Jan 22, 2016
BA-M1014 Barbados PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Public-private Partnership to Preserve Coral Reefs 0.82 Approved Dec 9, 2015
BA-L1035 Barbados TRANSPORT Road Rehabilitation and Improving Connectivity of Road Infrastructure 25.00 Approved Nov 18, 2015
BA-L1032 Barbados SOCIAL INVESTMENT Strengthening Human and Social Development in Barbados 10.00 Approved Sep 21, 2015
BA-T1038 Barbados SOCIAL INVESTMENT Building capacity for public policy enhancment in Social & Labor Intermediation 0.26 Approved Jul 17, 2015
BA-X1004 Barbados EDUCATION Support for the Skills of the Future Program 0.60 Approved Jun 15, 2015
BA-T1028 Barbados ENERGY Continuation of Support (SEFB) and Development of New Technologies: SG & RE 0.65 Approved May 1, 2015
BA-T1034 Barbados ENERGY Continuation of Support for SEFB and Development of New Technologies: SG & RE 0.30 Approved May 1, 2015
BA-T1032 Barbados FINANCIAL MARKETS Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of the Central Bank of Barbados 0.24 Approved Apr 7, 2015
BA-T1039 Barbados Action Plan for C and D Countries 0.15 Approved Jan 7, 2015
BA-L1034 Barbados FINANCIAL MARKETS Enhanced Access to Credit for Productivity Project 35.00 Approved Dec 15, 2014
BA-T1036 Barbados ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL DISASTERS Study Tour to Brazil and Chile, Part 1: Tourism Development 0.01 Approved Nov 25, 2014

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