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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
AR-T1129 Argentina SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Salta Sustainable Tourism Program-Magical Towns 0.02 Approved Jul 15, 2014
AR-L1140 Argentina SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Sustainable Development Tourism Sector in Salta Province 34.00 Approved Nov 7, 2012
AR-L1071 Argentina SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Development of Tourism Corridors 80.00 Approved Nov 2, 2011
AR-T1092 Argentina SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Support for the Preparation Development of Tourism Corridors 0.08 Approved Apr 26, 2011
AR-M1054 Argentina SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Incorporation of Guarani communities in the Yerba Mate Trail 0.28 Approved Feb 11, 2011
AR-T1024 Argentina SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Support for an Indigenous Tourist Route in Argentina: Tourism with Identity 0.50 Approved Nov 16, 2007
AR-M1018 Argentina SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Consolidation of Wine Tourism 1.03 Approved Oct 25, 2006
AR-L1004 Argentina SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Improvement of the Competitiveness of Tourism 33.00 Approved Jul 26, 2005
AR0292 Argentina SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Support Integrated Development Tourism Sector in Salta Province 34.10 Approved Jun 18, 2003
BH-T1052 Bahamas SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Support to Climate-Resilient Tourism Development in San Salvador 0.36 Approved Dec 6, 2016
BH-M1010 Bahamas SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Support for the Economic Empowerment of Fly Fishing Guides 0.15 Approved Dec 13, 2014
BH-T1007 Bahamas SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Regional Plan for the Sustainable Development of Inagua 0.20 Approved Aug 30, 2006
BH-M1002 Bahamas SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Inagua Sustainable Tourism 0.10 Approved Nov 17, 2005
BH-M1001 Bahamas SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Sustainable Tourism Network for SMES 1.30 Approved Oct 26, 2005
TC8410128 Bahamas SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Strengthening, Ministry of Tourism 0.36 Approved Oct 29, 1986
TC7908124 Bahamas SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Strengt. of Bahamas Development Bank 0.08 Approved Sep 10, 1980
TC7804207 Bahamas SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Turistic Development Program 0.34 Approved Nov 16, 1978
BA-L1033 Barbados SUSTAINABLE TOURISM National Tourism Program 20.00 Approved Oct 25, 2017
BA-T1033 Barbados SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Support to the Preparation of National Tourism Program BA-L1033 0.45 Approved Oct 28, 2014
BA-M1004 Barbados SUSTAINABLE TOURISM Development of Tourism Micro Projects in Barbados (Joint Venture w/MOT & BSBA) 0.15 Approved Nov 2, 2009

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