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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
AR-L1279 Argentina TRANSPORT First Operation of the Program to Build Capacity and Improve Safety on the Accesses to the Cristo Redentor Border Crossing 200.00 Approved Dec 1, 2017
AR-L1274 Argentina TRANSPORT Connectivity and Safety Program for Road Corridors in the Province of Buenos Aires 200.00 Approved Nov 29, 2017
AR-L1267 Argentina TRANSPORT General San Martín Railroad Improvement Project: Retiro-Pilar Branch Line 400.00 Approved Aug 24, 2017
AR-T1187 Argentina TRANSPORT Individual consultancies and complementary technical studies for the construction project of the International Black Water Tunnel 0.40 Approved Aug 9, 2017
AR-T1179 Argentina TRANSPORT Transfer of Knowledge about the Implementation of Large-Scale Road Tunnel Construction Projects 0.02 Approved Feb 14, 2017
AR-L1199 Argentina TRANSPORT Program to Expand Capacity and Road Safety on Integration Road Corridors 300.00 Approved Dec 5, 2016
AR-T1134 Argentina TRANSPORT Strengthening capacities in APP projects. 0.01 Approved May 14, 2015
AR-T1132 Argentina TRANSPORT Support to the Buenos Aires Subway Transfer and Management Program 0.60 Approved Dec 2, 2014
AR-L1166 Argentina TRANSPORT AUSA Road Safety and Urban Mobility Program 130.00 Approved Jun 4, 2014
AR-T1112 Argentina TRANSPORT Study Bridge Eldorado-Mayor Otaño 0.55 Approved Jun 2, 2014
AR-L1144 Argentina TRANSPORT Norte Grande Road Infrastructure Program III 300.00 Approved Oct 30, 2013
AR-L1158 Argentina TRANSPORT Railroad Gral Roca Improvement Program - Constitución - La Plata Line 300.00 Approved Sep 12, 2013
AR-T1108 Argentina TRANSPORT Preparation of First Operation Recovery Program Metropolitan Railway 1.00 Approved Dec 3, 2012
AR-T1084 Argentina TRANSPORT Support for the Sustainable Urban Mobility in the City of Bariloche 0.40 Approved Dec 12, 2011
AR-L1131 Argentina TRANSPORT Infraestructura Vial Productiva II 200.00 Approved Nov 30, 2011
AR-L1132 Argentina TRANSPORT Plaza Logistica 20.00 Approved Nov 8, 2011
AR-L1106 Argentina TRANSPORT Productive and Tourism Infrastructure Program for the Province of Río Negro 30.00 Approved Dec 14, 2010
AR-T1063 Argentina TRANSPORT Buenos Aires Sustainable Mobility Plan for Metropolitan Region of Bs. Aires 0.40 Approved Nov 4, 2010
AR-T1075 Argentina TRANSPORT Transport infrastructure and sustainable develop of Rio Negro-Ruta Provincial 1 0.50 Approved Feb 19, 2010

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