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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
BR-L1433 Brazil REGIONAL INTEGRATION Banco Societe Generale Brasil - SME Equipment Financing Partnership 40.00 Approved Nov 4, 2015
CO-L1138 Colombia REGIONAL INTEGRATION Promotion and Extension of an Electronic Invoice in Colombia 12.00 Approved Mar 19, 2014
CR-L1066 Costa Rica REGIONAL INTEGRATION Border Integration Program of Costa Rica 100.00 Approved Jun 17, 2015
EC-L1116 Ecuador REGIONAL INTEGRATION Border Crossings Optimization in Ecuador 16.00 Approved Nov 12, 2014
GU-T1208 Guatemala REGIONAL INTEGRATION Support for the Regional Coordination Initiatives 0.15 Approved Dec 13, 2012
HA-T1203 Haiti REGIONAL INTEGRATION Best Practices of Chilean Public Investment System for Haiti 0.02 Approved Oct 31, 2014
NI-L1083 Nicaragua REGIONAL INTEGRATION Border Integration Program 55.00 Approved Jun 17, 2015
PR-T1183 Paraguay REGIONAL INTEGRATION Fostering Cross Border Integration between Paraguay and Brazil 0.56 Approved Mar 11, 2016
PE-T1292 Peru REGIONAL INTEGRATION Satellite Accounts for Cultural Sector between Colombia and Perú 0.01 Approved Nov 28, 2012
RG-L1115 Regional REGIONAL INTEGRATION Multisectoral Credit Program for Regional Integration of countries in the River Plate Basin 100.00 Preparation Preparation
RG-T3111 Regional REGIONAL INTEGRATION Building the climate change agenda of the Pacific Alliance 0.45 Preparation Preparation
RG-T3003 Regional REGIONAL INTEGRATION Strengthening of Coordinated Border Management in LAC 0.75 Preparation Preparation
RG-T3076 Regional REGIONAL INTEGRATION Support to the Regional Integration Program of the country members of the River Plata Basin 0.50 Preparation Preparation
RG-T3077 Regional REGIONAL INTEGRATION Trade Facilitation in Border Crossings in the Southern Cone 0.40 Preparation Preparation
RG-T3088 Regional REGIONAL INTEGRATION Improving South-South Cooperation between Latin America and the Caribbean and Asia 0.30 Approved Sep 19, 2017
RG-T3086 Regional REGIONAL INTEGRATION Joint Research for a Renewed Economic Cooperation Agenda for China and Latin America and the Caribbean 0.23 Approved Sep 19, 2017
RG-T2823 Regional REGIONAL INTEGRATION Capacity Building Program on Integration and Trade - Phase V 1.35 Approved Apr 6, 2017
RG-T2884 Regional REGIONAL INTEGRATION ConnectAmericas Data Visualization 0.18 Approved Dec 13, 2016
RG-T2844 Regional REGIONAL INTEGRATION Support to the Integration of the Pacific Alliance 0.80 Approved Dec 9, 2016
RG-T2866 Regional REGIONAL INTEGRATION Information System for International Cooperation 0.50 Approved Nov 22, 2016

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