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Project Number Country Sector Project Title Financing Status Approval Date
AR-L1273 Argentina WATER AND SANITATION Drainage and Flood Control Project in the Province of Buenos Aires 150.00 Preparation Preparation
AR-L1279 Argentina TRANSPORT First Stage Expansion of Capacity and Safety Improvements in the Cristo Redentor System Corridor 200.00 Preparation Preparation
AR-L1249 Argentina FINANCIAL MARKETS Program for the Implementation of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy of Argentina 20.00 Preparation Preparation
AR-L1260 Argentina URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING Urban Integration and Social and Educational Inclusion Program in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. First Individual Operation 100.00 Preparation Preparation
AR-L1258 Argentina WATER AND SANITATION Water and Sanitation Development Program - Belgrano Plan 200.00 Preparation Preparation
AR-L1257 Argentina WATER AND SANITATION Water and Sanitation Program for the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area and the Districts in the First, Second, and Third Rings of the Buenos Aires Conurbation¿ 305.00 Approved Aug 29, 2017
AR-L1267 Argentina TRANSPORT General San Martín Railroad Improvement Project: Retiro-Pilar Branch Line 400.00 Approved Aug 24, 2017
AR-X1019 Argentina TRADE Banco Industrial S.A. TFFP 6.05 Approved Aug 17, 2017
AR-T1187 Argentina TRANSPORT Individual consultancies and complementary technical studies for the construction project of the International Black Water Tunnel 0.40 Approved Aug 9, 2017
AR-L1266 Argentina REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE ¿Program to Strengthen the Statistical Capacity of Argentina¿s National Statistics and Census Institute (INDEC) 50.00 Approved Aug 2, 2017
AR-L1268 Argentina REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Program to Support Transparency and Integrity Reforms in Argentina 200.00 Approved Aug 2, 2017
AR-L1254 Argentina SOCIAL INVESTMENT Program to Support the National Early Childhood Plan and the Policy for Universalization of Early Childhood Education 200.00 Approved Jul 12, 2017
AR-L1278 Argentina ENERGY Achiras Wind Project 10.00 Approved Jul 11, 2017
AR-L1255 Argentina SOCIAL INVESTMENT Federal Security Program 25.00 Approved Jun 29, 2017
AR-L1277 Argentina ENERGY La Castellana Wind Project 5.00 Approved Jun 21, 2017
AR-T1172 Argentina REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Improvement of fiscal management of the province of Cordoba 0.20 Approved Jun 13, 2017
AR-L1113 Argentina TRADE Banco de Galicia y Buenos Aires - TFFP 34.54 Approved Jun 12, 2017
AR-T1181 Argentina REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Public Companies: Lessons learned from Chile, Colombia and Peru 0.01 Approved May 24, 2017
AR-T1178 Argentina PRIVATE FIRMS AND SME DEVELOPMENT Inclu-Tec: Inclusive Employment in Knowledge-based Businesses 0.74 Approved May 18, 2017
AR-T1180 Argentina REFORM / MODERNIZATION OF THE STATE Strenghtening of Monitoring and Evaluation of State Owned Enterprises 0.35 Approved Apr 17, 2017

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