VE-T1038 : National System of Youth and Children's Orchestras of Venezuela

Project Status

In 2012, with funding from the VE-T1026 TC, the Inter-American Development Bank and the Music Foundation Simon Bolivar (Bolivar FUNDAMUSICAL) launched the first experimental impact assessment of the effects of the system. This assessment is intended to measure the causal effects of the participation of children and young people in terms of cognitive and emotional skills. About 3,000 applicants between 6 and 14 years old were randomly divided between treatment group (participants in orchestras from academic year 2012-13) and control group (with deferred share offer of a year, that is to from the academic year 2013-14). Data from the baseline have been raised in the fourth quarter of 2012 by the International Joint Venture firm SEI-Econometrics. The new technical cooperation (valued at $ 990.000) has two objectives. First, it provides finance the follow-up survey, necessary to measure the impact of a year of participation in the system by comparing the treatment group with the control group in terms of indicators of socio-cognitive skills. Second, it proposes to finance the completion of the measurement package, and its extension to young people between 12 and 24 years old (or older children incorporated into the impact assessment of the system). This package represents a public good that can be used inside and outside the Bank to measure the impact of programs for youth at risk. The CT would have three main products: 1) tracking poll, 2) impact study, 3) battery of youth.


Project Number VE-T1038
Operation Number ATN/OC-13869-VE
Country Venezuela
Project Type Technical Cooperation
Environmental and Social Impact Category C
Project Status Implementation
Approval Date JUN 24, 2013
Contract Signature Date JUN 24, 2013
IDB Financing * 0.99


Total Cost H USD 990,000
Financing Type Non-Reimbursable Technical Cooperation
Fund Ordinary Capital
Reporting currency USD - United States Dollar
Reporting Date FEB 28, 2017
Undisbursed Amount H USD 218,544
Disbursed to Date R USD 771,456
Key Value
H Historical
R Revalued

*For active and closed projects, the IDB financing at Board approval is shown in US$ millions. This does not reflect any cancellations. For projects in Preparation the amount shown is the Estimated IDB Financing. Approved projects shows either Estimated IDB Financing or Historic Approved amount. The IDB financing for projects in the pipeline is indicative and may be modified during the project preparatio

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